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By: cristalino1960
Cafe La Malinche
Ok, buckle up amigos...went on the recommendation of a couple of friends for what I thought would be a quick breakfast and ¡Dios mio!, was I pleasantly surprised and thoroughly pleased! Ordered the machaca plate and was blown away by the portions of all that accompanied the pièce de résistance...there was a small bowl of what appeared to be a fondue seasoned with jalapeño, tomato and onion, which incidentally was nothing short of heaven! The frijoles refritos were excellent, coupled with papa rayada frita a la plancha (hash brown, folks!) and then that delicious cocktail I already described, all proved to be overwhelmingly delightful and abundantly complementary to the reason I entered this charming establishment in the first place. All in all, many happy returns, particularly on this author's part! Buen provecho, mis epicúreos semejantes.
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By: Hernandez shoe box F.
Its kindof expensive. Wish they would start a new menu for the people who cant really chew. My mom has dentures that hurt and maybe some restaurants would take that idea and make food that is soft and maybe shaped like chicken meat loaf steak....things like that. I dont know how long my mom will be with us and would sure love for her twilight years to be able to eat food she once loved.
By: Jorge M.
Chit Chat Mobile / Wireless Express
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By: mrgoodeatin
La Malinche
This place has the best enchiladas so far....They have lots of cheese and served in large portions...If you're hungry, this is the place for you...
By: Valerie V.
El Pueblito Cafe
My mom works here and my aunt owns very amazing food! New address is 3501 alameda! We barely opened today!
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By: Maria P.
El Chaparral Cafe 1
This Place is the Best Mexican food I've ever tasted in a long time. My favorite place now !!
By: jaytee-z85
Chachi's Burgers
great hamburgers, round dogs and just everything on the menu is good . (period)
By: cathie.williams.58
Chachi's Burgers
Excellent hamburgers! Must try it for yourself:)

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