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By: Karen O.
Just For You Daycare Ctr
I've had a good experience in this daycare. Parents should know that sometimes accidents happen and that sometimes kids hurt themselves in the playground or playing with other kids. It could happen cause the kids don't listen, brake the rules, or fight with other kids, although those issues do need to be adressed. They have two playgrounds, a big one and a small one that is used for toddlers (like the tiny ones you buy from Wal-Mart). The kids have to be 4 or 5 to be able to get on the big playground. But if you don't want your kid in playground at all, tell them "my child is NOT allowed in the playground". The times my daughter has gotten hurt, I've always received incident reports that same day, but nothing major has ever happened. They take her and pick her up from school on time. During the summer they take the kids to field trips, with prior permission from the parents/guardians. They also organize events for the kids such as pre-k graduations, christmas dances, etc. The very few times I was running late from picking my child up, I would give them a call and they'd tell me it was perfectly fine. The daycare does NOT close whenever the director feels like it. They usually only close during holidays like 4th of July, Thanksgiving, etc. But whenever they will be closed they give about a week or even 2 week notice, it's not random. Never have I been called out of work or school to pick up my child after the daycare randomly closed. The owner/director does speak English, she has a very obvious strong accent and struggles to speak it, but she does speak English. The owner is not a native English speaker but she will still communicate with you in English if that's the only language you can communicate in. 80.7% of the population in El Paso in bilingual, and she is among those people. My experience at this daycare has been positive as well as my daughters. My daughter's favorite teacher is Ms. Connie.
By: littlemisstink
Tiny Tikes Daycare
When I read the below reviews I merely chuckled at such ignorant comments. We must remember that we are all adults and we must act like one, although there are some adults that obviously still have the mentality of a child. As the mother of two children (ages 2 and 5) I had a hard time finding a daycare that I felt comfortable leaving my children at. I was a stay at home mom for 5 years and it was time to get back to work. I took tours of many East Side daycares but neither my children nor I felt at “home“, this was until I came across Tiny Tikes. As soon as you walk into Tiny Tikes the bright colors and atmosphere is welcoming to both children and adults. The staff greeted my children with a smile and open arms; this made me feel at ease. My children have been attending for a little more than a year now and I must say that I am more than fully satisfied with the care that they provide for my children. My daughters come home everyday from daycare singing songs and showing me the new educational games that they have learned. As a parent I love the fact that the teachers are very loving towards my children, this shows me that they truly enjoy their job. I also like that the teachers are constantly updating me on the status of my children whether or not they ate, slept, etc. I recommend Tiny Tikes to all of my co-workers and am very proud to tell others about the services they provide for my daughters and I. With that being said I believe that Tiny Tikes is one of the most welcoming, loving, professional daycares in town. I have heard of many parents that make the drive from Horizon/West Side/Central to the East Side just to take their children to a daycare that they are comfortable with. If you have any doubts, I welcome you to take a tour so that you can see for yourself.
By: mickeyfan
Tiny Tikes Daycare
Let me begin by saying that I am truly upset by the other reviews, but in particular the all caps display of low intellectual functioning. I am not sure which elementary school you dropped out of, but you should probably do yourself a favor and learn grammar. I am almost positive that your description of those events are inacurate and that no one at the daycare would ever harm your child. Interesting how you failed to mention how your child did get those bruises. That being said....My daughters (ages 12 and 4) have attended Tiny Tikes Daycare since they were 11 weeks old. In that time, I have had the privilege of seeing and experiencing nothing but compassionate, caring, and understanding teachers and staff. The staff often go out of their way to include parents in projects and activities (we had a parent Thanksgiving party, ice cream social, and graduation this year). These ladies have assisted me in raising my daughters and making them part of who they are today. My daughters' learned how to read, learned preschool material when they were 2, and most importantly were prepared both emotionally and cognitively for school. If there are any doubts as to the validity of my comments, all you have to do is walk in to the daycare and see the gratefulness of other parents and how unbelievabley blessed we feel to have such an amazing daycare.I am embarassed to admit that the majority of us do not write reviews until we are disgruntled by some action. Reading the other reviews forced my hand.
By: neldav2
Immanuel Christian School
Our two youngest children are enrolled at ICS since they were 4 years old. They are now in High School, If I knew then what I know now, our 2 oldest would have started and ended at ICS as well. Before enrolling our children we reviewed and visited other private Christian schools as well. We found that ICS had what we feel is important in a Christian school learning environment. They are as follows: A Bible lead school, Uncompromising when it comes to God’s Holy Word, A constant and steady ministry program that is being implemented daily in order to witness to all the student body, School leaders personalities flow with the love they have for Jesus Christ, High academic standards where students are pushed to reach for higher goals, A high accredited school, Recognized by ivy league and top ranked universities in providing well educated students that can handle university academics and A certified teaching staff that hold high level degrees in their area of study. The only way to see this first hand is by walking down their hallways during school days and witness daily school activities in action. In addition, in comparison to other schools, foul language and bullying is absolutely not permitted at ICS.
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By: Jamie L.
Ready Set Grow Daycare & Learning Center
I MISS this daycare, the owner, and the dedicated permanent staff. I recently moved out of state but every day I long for this daycare and my child has literally bawled her eyes out on multiple occasions because she can't be at this day care with Ms. Betty and all the beloved teachers. I am a picky parent and when I was looking for a daycare I couldn't find one that met my cleanliness standards, had consistently good state audits/reports, showed care and dedication, and love for the children. That all changed the day I found Ready, Set, Grow!!! The owner, Betty, Ms. Linda (since retired), Ms. Martha, and Ms. Krystal put their heart and back into the work. Working with children can be very trying and tiring but each of these teachers always had a smile on their faces and love for these children in their eyes. They are kind and patient. Where I moved to I can't find decent child care any where but the cost doesn't reflect the lack of care, cleanliness, and love.
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By: Cristina O.
Kids View 6
I had my daughter in that daycare since she was 8 months the staff was wonderful until my daughter was moved to the toddler room. The morning teacher for toddlers is very cold heartless as well as difficult to get along with. It was really difficult to see eye to eye with this teacher as she sees the toddlers as adults thee than children. Picked up my daughter a few times completely soaked from her shirt as she was being taught to drink from a cup when she could've been changed as well as she had a diaper rash more than once. Other than this teacher the rest of the teachers especially the evening toddler teacher (Mayra) and baby teacher (Yoly) are very patient, understanding and nurturing. If it wasn't for this teacher my daughter would certainly still be there. (My concerns were raised, but never saw the change since there is a new director.)
By: olearylauren
Immanuel Christian School
Immanuel Christian School has been the place I call home at two very unique times in my life. As a student, ICS provided for me a Christ centered education during my middle school years and the foundation upon which my relationship with Christ began. Almost ten years later, I find myself walking these same halls teaching and guiding young people to know their Creator and expand their minds. Working amongst the staff at ICS has been a blessing in my life. Their generous hearts reflect that of Christs as they pour out all they have for these kids. If and when I have children of my own, there would not be a trace of doubt in my mind where I would have them grow up and become intelligent young men and women of God. Immanuel Christian School is truly an exceptional learning establishment.
By: Jamie L.
Ready Set Grow Daycare & Learning Center
I LOVE this daycare/preschool. The director is a wonderful lady who truly cares about children! I am a picky parent and this is the daycare I have picked for my child and I highly recommend it for every family in El Paso! The facility is clean and in good repair, the people are friendly and care about the children, the preschool education is awesome, and the director gets an A+ in my book. It is hard to please me when it comes to child care, but this place has managed. They are there to ensure the safety and well-being of my child and I don't worry about my child when I drop her off every day. I get a thorough report of her behavior each day when I pick her up so I know how she is growing and interacting with other children and the teachers. This is very helpful! This is a great daycare!
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By: Erika W.
My son started here at the beginning of last December (he's 3) and didn't even know his colors. I was literally thinking maybe he was color blind. It only took him a couple of months to learn all his colors, his entire alphabet, and now he's still 3 and currently working on tracing lines to write his letters. He's always singing a new song he learned. It's so exciting to see him learn so much so fast and he loves the friends he's made there. The price is much better than other places, and my son loves his teacher. I've never heard a single bad thing about his experience there, all I ever hear is that he had FUN. I also appreciate that the teacher has the kids make little gifts for the parents for holidays like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.
By: debrawalker
Immanuel Christian School
My son has been here since he was four years old. He is now a Junior. I am so appreciative to ICS. The teachers there have prayed with me and helped me in good times as well as the tough times my family has gone through. I am soo very thankful that the teachers and administrators help me to raise my child in a Christian environment mentoring and discipling him to prepare him for the world and to share the gospel with not only his friends, but the world! This year he has rededicated his life to the Lord and is on fire for the Lord! It is awesome what God is doing! ICS focuses not only on academic excellence, but on living a life of spiritual excellence (living a life modeled by the life of Jesus Christ).I highly recommend ICS, it is the best!

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