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By: Francisco L.
Villalobos & Moore
I am more than satisfied with the services I did obtain from the firm Villalobos and Moore. They worked with me in my process to obtain a Residence Visa through a National Interest Waved Case. This is one of the most difficult cases a Migration Lawyer could face since these cases dealt with international scientists or very specialized professionals who are interested to migrate and to contribute with the enrichment of the American Society. These cases demand Law Specialists with sufficient knowledge and clear understanding of the particular talents of each applicant, and this is one of the most important strengths of Villalobos and Moore. All of the members and staff of this firm are very kind, friendly, and professional and are always taking care of the needs of their customers. Mr. John Moore and all his team are very honest, and they transmit a lot of confidence to their customers. My wife and I corroborate the quality of their services when we received great comments about the quality of our file from the Officers at the American Consulate in Ciudad Juarez when we attended to our final interview.Overall, I feel more than satisfied with the services we received and I truly recommend working with Villalobos and Moore to anyone interested to conduct any immigration process. They will make very easy and very trustworthy the entire process.
By: Lkhagvasuren M.
Villalobos & Moore
First of all, I and my family want to say that I couldn't thank you enough for the high quality service you provided. Mr John Benjamin Moore was a gift from god. He's an expert not only smart but also very thoughtful. I also have to express my thanks to his employee Mr Oscar Vazquez for working so hard to help everything gets done. He is very kind and friendly.I love the fact that they go through every single detail about the case being very professional and keen to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible.I would definitely recommend this law firm to my mongolian fellows.I wish you guys the best of everything for your life and career.Mянга уулзаад сэтгэлд тогтохгүй хүн гэж байхадГанц уулзаад санаанаас гарахгүй хүн байх юм.Тиймээ, энэ хүн бол өмгөөлөгч Жон Бэнжамин Моор болон түүний хамт олон. Бурханаас заяасан буянтай бурхан хүн. Мөнгөний төлөө биш хүний төлөө чин сэтгэлээсээ ажилладаг чадварлаг өмгөөлөгч. Тиймдээ ч манай гэр бүл болон бусад олон зуун үйлчлүүлэгч танд талархаж мөн танаар бахархах болсон. Таны цаашдын ажил амьдралд хамгийн сайн сайхныг хүсье!Хүндэтгэсэн Монгол Улсын Иргэн Л. Мишигдорж
By: Osvaldo B.
Villalobos & Moore
When I began looking for an Immigration Lawyer, I tried to have the best firm according to my expectations, and fortunately, I reach Villalobos & Moore.John Moore and his team are really focused on your requirements and take you in a fast step-by-step process in order to achieve your goals. In my case, I was looking for a Business Visa, and, of course, I got it!Additional to the results achieved, the most important was that they really understand my case and always gave me a true personal attention, and believe me, I think this put them apart from others firms.Thanks Luis, Benjamin, Maria and of course John, for all your great support.Osvaldo BarrosoBasfleet LLC
By: Yomaly D.
Villalobos & Moore
If you need an attorney while in El Paso, Texas I would completely recommend you put you case in the hands of Villalobos & Moore. I was fairly getting to El Paso when my mother was arrested for saying goodbye to my brother at the airport. She is illegal and therefore got taken under custody. I schedule with other attorneys to see what they could do for my mom yet I could easily tell they are crappy unprofessional attorneys!!! Yeah it's hard to get to the attorney yet not impossible and worth the wait. Don't trust other attorneys that only say they can do so much yet just want the cash.Blessings for all the hard work you and your team do for the people!!!!
By: Sandra M.
Villalobos & Moore
Quiero agradecer el trabajo y el apoyo que me dieron para mi en lo personal fue mas que un trabajo fue un esfuerzo y una dedicacion muy especial. Estoy sumamente agradecida con los resultados totalmente favorables son un gran equipo tengo muy buenos comentarios sobre todo ustedes son muy responsables atentos y amables. Desde mi primera visita supe que llevarian mi caso bien, escuche lo que necesitaba y les deposite mi confianza. Se manera de ayudarnos es real y solidaria. Eso vale mucho para nosotros los indocumentados. Con mucho orgullo y alegria les doy las gracias a todo el equipo de Villalobos & Moore. Los recomiendo mucho.
By: Guadalupe S.
Villalobos & Moore
I recommend Villalobos and Moore with a 100% guarantee you will be satisfied with the work John Moore provides and his team at the office everyone as well in the office provides good results. John is a strong and does his job in a professional way. His knowledge shows the best results. My husband had a difficult case but with The help of Villa lobos and Moore. Team and John Moore my husband can now be bonded out. WE GOT THE BOND UNTIL NOW JOHN AND HIS TEAM HAVE NEVER LOST BONDS THEY WORK EXTREMELY HARD UNTIL THEY GET THEM. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND VILLALOBOS AND MOORE!!!! BEST ATTORNEY AND THE TEAM AT HIS OFFICE
By: Hector H.
Cynthia R. Lopez - Immigration Attorney
Since I live in another city, I have done all my work with Cynthia Lopez over the phone. Even though I have not met her face-to-face, she has proven herself very competent and professional in her area of law. All information and correspondence going back and forth between Midland and El Paso has been smooth and organized. Cynthia Lopez came highly recommended to me. And because of the progress we are making on my case, this should be wrapped-up in just a few months...what otherwise could take up to a year with a less well-versed attorney than her. I'm SO happy I am working with Lopez and Associates!
By: J. santos G.
Villalobos & Moore
La firma Villalobos & Moore me ayudó a salir bajo fianza. A pesar de no saber quiénes eran me hicieron sentir en confianza y todo salio muy bien. Un amigo dentro de la prisión me los recomendo, yo le pedí a mi esposa que los contactara y tomaron mi caso. Gracias a Dios y a ustedes todo salio bien. Estoy agradecido por ellos. Abogados previos ya me habían dicho que no se podía hacer nada y que me iban a deportar y John Moore al abogado manejador de Villalobos me dijo que el si podía hacer algo. Hoy voy de regreso a mi casa a Arkansas con mi familia. Doy gracias por ellos.
By: Carolina V.
Villalobos & Moore
I would like to give my personal experience with this amazing Law Firm. They were honest, hard working and professional. My case was resolved in 3 months. I got married and was able to become a Lawful Permanent Resident with their help. John Moore prepared me and went to my interview and took care of all the legal questions that I was asked. Their team was always available for me. After shopping around I definitely found the right Immigration Law firm for me and my family.
By: Diana D.
Cynthia R. Lopez - Immigration Attorney
Wow!...Where do I start...My case had been dragging on since 2006, over 5 years. Then I went to Ms. Lopez a little over a year ago. And she and her staff diligently worked my case. They contacted me immediately when they needed me, and answered all my questions without hesitation. They stuck with my case and worked it through to completion. In less than a year my case was solved and settled. And I am very pleased with the outcome. So glad I found Lopez and Associates!
Tips & Advices
Some immigration processes can take months or even years to resolve. USCIS posts an online list for each field office that shows current processing times for common applications, such as ones for permanent residency, citizenship and proof of citizenship. These estimates provide a sense of the current backlog. An immigration attorney will usually monitor these timelines for you and communicate any updates.
An immigration lawyer might request copies of numerous documents, including a birth certificate, passport, letters from employers, proofs of address, income tax returns and photos/correspondence with family (if you are applying for an immigration benefit via a spouse or family member).
Yes, if you want them to. While an attorney cannot directly answer a USCIS agent’s questions, he or she can provide support and clarification during the interview. Having an attorney present is generally a good idea if you are involved in a complex immigration case.
Yes, for applications such as an adjustment of status (for example, going from a tourist visa to a green card) and citizenship, it is usually a good idea to agree upon a fixed rate that covers all paperwork and responses to evidence requests. This can save you money compared to an rate based on billable hours.
Fee schedules vary significantly depending on the case type. Immigration lawyers usually charge for both the required application fees from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and for their services. Longer, more complex cases such as deportation defenses are more expensive than simpler matters like completing a citizenship application.

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