• 1.Brow Art 23

    6101 Gateway Blvd W

    El Paso,TX

    4.63 miServices

  • 2.Brow Art 23

    8401 Gateway Blvd W

    El Paso,TX

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  • 3.Golden Goose Tattoo

    4100 N Mesa St

    El Paso,TX

    2.48 miServices

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    When i first walked in, the place looked very clean and I was quickly greeted by 2 gentlemen eager to help me. I went in for a piercing and they both said it would be about a 15 minute wait. I waited

  • 4.Cruz Tattooz Studio

    3117 Saul Kleinfeld Dr Ste 102

    El Paso,TX

    11.53 mi

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By: J C.
Golden Goose Tattoo
When i first walked in, the place looked very clean and I was quickly greeted by 2 gentlemen eager to help me. I went in for a piercing and they both said it would be about a 15 minute wait. I waited for 2 hours when the piercer finally came out to ask for my ID. He informed me they only accepted cash and made me fill out some forms. i waited a whole other hour for him to let me in the back to get pierced. while he prepared everything he would make comments about my outfit, my appearance, my shoes like judging every little thing about me, making me feel unwelcome. whenever i would ask a question he would let out a sigh and sometimes answer very sarcastically. the service from the piercer was very bad but his expertise was good. it has been 5 months now and my piercing has healed nice and straight and was as painless as possible. the price was not the most affordable for a navel piercing but it was very fair for a quality piercing.
By: Brandon W.
Heavy Hitters Tattoo
I went into Heavy Hitters Tattoo to get a tattoo I had already had fixed up and basically repaired. The artist I originally tried said he couldn't do it because he thought it might get messed up. As I was leaving the owner of the Shop, Buster took a look at it. Not only did Buster say he could fix it up he said he would make it look amazing. The tattoo was a family Coat of Arms. A very important tattoo. Buster and me agreed on a very fair price to which he could have charged more if he wanted. Buster and I not only agreed on a date and time but the appoint went through with no issues. Buster stayed true to his word on how the tattoo would come out. I went from having a family tattoo I hated showing to having a beautiful tattoo I will show off every day. It has been described as "A beautiful piece of art" by friends and family.Can't wait to go back and get another Tattoo from Heavy Hitters.
By: kjanaban
Golden Goose Tattoo
Golden Goose Tattoo is awesome! When I got my first tattoo at a different place I had a terrible experience, so I was nervous about getting another but as soon as I walked in Devo, was welcoming and stopped what he was doing to answer whatever questions I had. I loved the environment so much that I immediately decided to go back and get my tattoo done by Devo. He was the best I was so happy with his work that when my husband came home on leave we both got matching tattoos and a week later he went back to get another. Their piercer, Vivi, is awesome as well. When my friend came to visit she did her navel piercing. The atmosphere is welcoming and laid back which helps to make one feel relaxed. I would recommend Golden Goose Tattoo to anyone looking to get inked or pierced.
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By: tattoofanep
Ghost House Tattoo
The art that is produced by Rick is AMAZING! He is top notch and is the only tattoo artist that uses the Dragonfly, a Swiss tattoo machine, in El Paso. His experience is second to none. These previous ratings concerning Ghosthouse tattoo are not specific to Rick, the owner. The shop has been purged and he is there all day long. His portraits are the best in town. Yes, the shop is small. Yes, the shop is in the lower valley. Yes, the shop is next to the best liqour store in town. And, yes this is the best shop in town...
By: maddds
House of Pain Tattoo
I ended up here after getting blown off at another studio, the staff was extremely pleasant and seemed very knowledgeable. I got a double forward helix piercing and every effort was made to make sure I was happy and understood what was happening as it happened. my only very small complaints are first that only cash is accepted (but there's an atm literally right out side) and the jewellery selection isn't the best. other than that, I'm thrilled with my new piercing :)
By: pamela.d.delgado
Do's Tattoos
I love this place! Everyone is so friendly yet professional! I've always come to this place for my piercings, and I trust them with my LIFE! They always do such a great job, and they're so clean!Once I went to another place to get my tongue done, they did it CROOKED, it hurt like hell, and kept gushing blood! I will never go to that place again, something as important as body modification should be left to the best! ?AKA DO's and Tattoos! <3!
By: spiceygirl
Inklination Tattoos
I went there this past weekend to have a tattoo done on my forearm by Danny and I love it!! I've had other tattoos done at other tattoo shops and by far this is the best and I felt comfortable with them. Danny was friendly and I was treated well...I will be going back for more and definitely will recommend this place, Thank you and keep up the good work!!!
By: kcakes
Higher Level Tattoo
The staff is super friendly. VERY clean shop. They have a nice little area with shirts and tattoo after care. My tattoo came out clean and colorful. They even called me in to see how it healed. Great customer service and great prices. I'm coming back again!! Don't waste money on tattoos from shops that are expensive and Douchey.
By: samia.garcia.5
Inklination Tattoos
I was referred here by a good friend of mine and I am extremely satisfied my artist. Tony did an excellent job he was very patient and professional with me as I am a first timer and I will continue to come here for my future tattoos thank you Tony! You did an awesome job!!
By: Audrey O.
I absolutely love my tattoo! Tony did such an awesome job, he is by far the best artist EVER! The studio is very clean, cozy and has such a great view, your nerves stay at the door. I would definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone. I can't wait for my next one!

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