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By: lysaheart
Herff Jones Sun City Graduation Services
I agree and disagree with"Waiting for Parents to grow up" I'm sure glad you had the great experience you stated with Herff Jones. When graduation packets are not ready until 4 weeks into the graduation date, I think that is unprofessional...gowns are needed to take pic's and invitations are needed to be sent to family members out of town, especially when I paid for the packet 4 months before. But of course the school blames Herff Jones and Herff Jones blames the school, so it turns into the blame game. After many attempts even with the help of the school we could not get anyone specific to give any details until this last moment, so yes, the invitations gown and all gear are Great. But to find a photographer to take the graduation picture for my daughter and have them ready in a week, was so inconvenient and stressful to say the least. By the way-we were sent packets by Herff Jones but it's actually Sun City Graduation (that's where we were sent) so thank you Herff Jone's for making this cat and mouse chase....all I can say is the invite's are out and out of town family weren't able to make flights two weeks in advance for the low air rates and....with no professional picture. (This was a frustrating situation, and I was very courteous, because I didn't want to blow off steam in front of my daughter and with all do respect to the lady that delivered the items to the school) only because I know it was not her fault in entirety). So I'll think twice before I order from here again...High School over with College bound and grad gear in another town....
By: David V.
Luna De Plata
Let me tell you something i have shop from east to west and north to south of all types of jewelry stores and Luna de plata is the place to go I found a bracelet there and it was very unique and they also made me a custom made ring which came out awesome the service was great and I was treated like as I was part of there family a place to go
By: Julia M.
Luna De Plata
Great customer service along with great pricing. Has a good selection of jewelry and will also custom make at a decent price. Definitely the place to go for any repairs, jewelry purchase and honest pricing. Stop by and check it out for yourself and you will keep coming back!!
By: Sara C.
Fox Labyrinth
I wanted my nose pierced with a hoop and that's exactly what she did. It healed great, she even changed out my jewelry to something better. She has gorgeous jewelry in stock, she's professional and smooth with the piercing process. Love love love me some fox labyrinth!!!
By: Kelly Z.
Luna De Plata
The best jewelers in El Paso. Everyone is very professional and friendly. My kids picked out my Mother's Day necklace here and got my ring cleaned as well; I love it. I will definitely recommend Luna De Plata to all my friends and military neighbors.
By: suzsy.marquez
Luna De Plata
It was a really nice experience by going in to this jewelry ... great service.. beautiful jewelry and a really nice place to keep going back ..!!
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By: Bridget L.
Luna De Plata
Love coming here. Always good prices, they do such good jobs on cleaning my watches and fixing my jewelry. Definitely recommend this place.
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By: Shortcuts 2.
Short Cuts
New stylists have been working here for a couple a months and they know how to cut hair and give great customer service
By: ninialinda
Cortez Jewelers
He really is an amazing gifted jeweler! Thank you Lou for restoring my corazón

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