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By: jessir
Nikki's Nails & Spa
Hello Mariespar, I am working at Nikki's Nails & Spa. First your hair stylist refer your mom to our spa because we are clean and good. Then your mom refer you come to us. You had been to our spa 3 times and you only request one guy to working on you only. Every time you came we were busy working our customers so none of us talked about sexual comment like you said. The last time you got mani&pedi I were sit next to you worked on another customer and hear the whole conversation. You said: "you had to pick up your kids and you asked our manager to help the guy polish your toes nails. You told our manager that he has to learn Spanish and he reply: "why does he has to, he speaks fluently english." and you got upset told him to stop polish your toes nails. That's all about it. Don't lie, please be honest yourself. Nikki's Nails &Spa is the modern spa with high quality spa chairs build in new technology pipe less which is always clean. Don't you see our regular customer Kaycee L said very clean tools and tubs above. Good luck to you, we are proud of our spa and happy to work with our manager. Also,on yelp you put your name is Marisol.
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By: Pamela C.
Lolis & Mike
today December 9 i went again as every month and i had a great experience with the hair cut for my sons, I notice they had bad reviews but is usually the people that don't like it because their kids cry too much, I was in right now and the lady was so nice to the little girl and she was very spoiled by the mom asking her to tell her if the hair hurts, then she wanted to dry her hair and the mom was saying don't because she might cry and the little girl was trying to bite the hair stylist and the mom wouldn't say anything, some parents over react and do not teach the kids to respect, and expect the ladies to do wonderful jobs. learn some respect too. and you ladies keep up the good work, I'm a customer since 2012.
By: Ana I.
I had a great experience at this salon! Their pedicures are not your typical "dirty-plastic- tub-and-soapy-water." They used a coffee scrub, real lavender, and essential oils that made me feel so relaxed, and my feet look/feel great! As for my mani, Alejandra is my nail tech and explained that she uses safe product to do nails, which I love cause ORGANIC IS LIFE. I've never been to a salon where they actually care what they are putting on your nails. Plus, she can do all kinds of shapes and designs, whatever your preference is!So happy I found a great salon in El Paso!
By: Hilda G.
Touch Discount Day Spa
On my previous review, I complained on quality of the manicure done by one of their employees. The manager I spoke to the following afternoon had blown off my complaint. The following week I was able to speak to the spa's owner and she apologized for the manager's poor customer service. She offered another free manicure and $50 gift certificate. The main thing is that she acknowledged my legitimate complaint. She understood the importance of customer service. PS--The pedicure did last many weeks.
By: alma.a.villalobos.5
Lolis & Mike
the best haircut for my sons are here, i bring them every moth for the haircuts for longer than a year, and i highly recommend Maria and Mayra they are the best.they have a police car that is so cool for boys to let the stylist cut the hair, before this place, i use to have trouble getting my sons to agree to go to get a haircut.the place is super clean and so big my friends had the birthday party for their girls therei went and had lots of fun.
By: Jennifer H.
'N Dulge Day Spa and Salon
I love N Dulge! I go at least twice per year, more if I can. What I love about them is that it's about "Me"...the person, not about how much money you have. I have noticed that a lot of spas treat people differently, depending on how much money they're spending, or how much they appear to have...but Not N Dulge. They treat everyone the same; it's about YOU, the individual. And I like that. They are all So wonderful!
By: Mauricio R.
I've been here twice for a haircut and both experiences were great, friendly staff and lots of treats and drinks to be had the times I went. Adrian was the one who last cut my hair, very friendly and talkative. Ambiance was nice, the place smelled great and cleanliness and equipment were top notch. As a man I felt very comfortable and happy with the attention to detail and service, I highly recommend Bodega
By: Jessica S.
Barragan's Full Service Salon & Spa
The place is clean and I love the peaceful feeling. Margie has been doing my nails for a few years and is the best! Never been cut or rushed and she is fast. The best foot massage I have gotten is from her even if it's only 1 min but it's heaven! Vanessa is my second to go girl and she is good too.
By: Sam M.
'N Dulge Day Spa and Salon
I go to 'NDulge about once every few months. I don't go to a spa very often, but when I have a little extra money to pamper myself, 'NDulge is the place I always choose! Last time, I went for a massage, and felt SO relaxed afterwards. Their staff is very friendly, I love the place!
By: Amanda W.
'N Dulge Day Spa and Salon
I have been going to 'NDulge for a few years now. I'm a regular there. Recently, my sister was visiting from out of town and I decided to treat her a "spa day". We both loved it and had a great time! Everyone there is so sweet! They're all wonderful, give them a try!

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