By: pacer58
Richard Nevins Optometrist
I've been to loads of Eye doctors, both M.D.s and O.D.s and I finally got one who wasn't happy till I was! This is the fourth time I tried bifocal contacts and mono vision contacts. The first 3 doctors were more interested in making the SALE then making me happy. They just changed it a little and then when I came back complaining they acted like I was bothering them. None of them got it right but nobody would refund my money for the non-usable contact lenses either.I had given up and resigned to wear glasses till I saw Dr. Nevins. He said he would work with me till I was happy and wouldn't order the contacts until the we find the right ones for me through free trial lenses.It took 4 visits but each time he and his staff seemed happy to see me and reassured me that it sometimes takes many visits and trial lenses. We probably tried on about 6 different combinations of contacts before he found the ones I can see with. It is a mix of 2 different brands.His tech Melissa was also very friendly and taught me things I was doing wrong with my contacts previously that might have contributed to my earlier mentioned failures.I am so happy now that I finally got rid of my glasses, I hugged Dr. Nevins.
By: epagm409
Dr McMahon's Eye World
Best optometry practice BY A MILE!My experience here is always nothing but positive from the moment I walk through the door! The staff is always very patient with all of my questions and answers them thoroughly. I love that they actually take the time to LISTEN to what I say THEN make recommendations based off of my NEEDS and don't just try to "up-sell" me. Dr. McMahon is very thorough, professional, and knowledgeable. He truly CARES for his patients, something very rare in an optometrist. I always find at least a few pairs of glasses that I love in their HUGE selection of frames and the staff spends as much time with me as I need to help me find a frame that's perfect for me. Eye World is the only place I TRUST for my eye care needs. Bottom line, GO HERE! They set the standard at a whole new level!!
By: jmoreno82
Franklin Optical
i am a customer for the past 2 years and take my family to the docs office. I normally dont write any reviews but I am very skeptic on RAslek07's comments. Sorry raslek but your story doesnt make since. If it is so dead why couldnt you get through on the phone?And there office is so small it is impossible for 2 people to walk away from you and not give you an appointment...did they just leave you by yourself in their office....pretty unlikely. You sound like you didnt get what you wanted at that moment and have to display your actions on a computer screen. Your story not only shows your stupidity like the word you like to use but maybe your just an angry individual that didnt get what they wanted. i myself have had great service each time my family has been there and I definitely recommend this place.
By: tyler82
Dr McMahon's Eye World
I have awful vision and broke my glasses today. My usual doctor couldn't see me so I tried this place out and thank god I did! The staff set me up an appointment for TODAY, I got to see the doctor, pick out new frames and my glasses were made in HALF AN HOUR!!! You won't find prompt quality service like this ANYWHERE else. Dr. McMahon is now officially my permanent optometrist. He has over 20 years of experience and it shows. Your mind will be completely at ease when your eyes are in the care of Dr. McMahon.I recommend that anyone who isn't 100% satisfied with their doctor and staff should make the switch to Eye World.
By: lovingep
Dr McMahon's Eye World
My Best experience at a full service optometryThe staff at Eye World were pleasantly courteous and very knowledgeable.They offer a wide selection of frames and I wasn’t rushed to select one. I have been to other shops in and around El Paso and have never experienced such professional attention by the staff and the doctor.Dr. McMahon’s experience in his field shined through. I felt very secure in his knowledge and recommendations. And WOW I didn’t have to wait for days to get my prescription filled. The full service lab had my glasses ready in an hour!!! Now that’s serviceI highly recommend Eye World hands DOWN.
By: Emmual P.
Eyeland Vision
If patient care, respect, and quality are on your list, Eyeland Vision is the place to go for all of your eye care needs. Their staff makes you feel at ease and everything they do is explained to you in detail. The doctors take their time during examination and they are never in a rush to see the other patients. I've been going to Eyeland for the past 12 years. They use the latest equipment to diagnose and treat you. I recommend everyone to stop by and see the difference.
By: mlars
Eye-Deal Optical
This is the best optical i have ever been to. They speak perfect english and spanish . Had my glasses repaired they came out looking amazing , even bought my self a new pair this is thy place to go . They know there optical and the business , not just a eye glass repair but a awesome boutique as well with cool vintage , unique , fashionable eye glass frames .. best prices as well ! The place to go . If i was you i would go to Eye-Deal Optical.
By: Carla L.
Eyeland Vision
I want to compliment Kara on her amazing customer service. I thought I had to pay for the visit in full but she took it upon herself to call my insurance and arranged everything so 75% of the cost was actually covered. Also, when she heard my contacts wouldn't be there for a week (I needed them urgently) she provided me with the unused sample from my tests. She is kind and professional, a real asset to your store!
By: Bibi B.
Major Optical
I have been with Major Optical for 10 years and have always been treated with the utmost respect, especially the employees at the Lee Trevino location!The employees are always very respectful and courteous . My children adore both Dr. Daniels and Dr. McPartlin. The doctors are very efficient and work hard to give me the best care possible for my children.
By: Crystal P.
T.S.O. Northeast Vision Center
Went to fill prescription and the girl told me i had to go with the same doctor i had an exam with, because eye med would not cover if purchased else where called insurance and they said it was in correct i can purchase glasses and contacts where ever eye med is accepted. wasted time and gas second time they give me bad info.

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