By: Wade B.
Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors
This is a perfect mix of skills...They have installed the HVAC units at both my home and business. And they have worked on circuit boards and a capacitor for me as well. They didn't have to call a separate electrician when installing my Ruud refrigerated AC units...They ARE the electrician and HVAC experts!
By: virginiav.
Sun City Medical Supply
Sun City was able to provide me with the products i needed. The staff treated me very well. Victor Rivera is the one who assisted me and he is very helpful. He is a very nice, very good employee, and answers all my calls. I would rate the company from 1-10 a 10.
By: Daniel A.
Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors
Omega just converted one of our rental properties to refrigerated AC, and the renters just LOVE it! And when the work and installation were done, they were very neat and clean, and that's much appreciated.
By: Joe M.
Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors
My house feels REALLY AWESOME now. They gave me the best price, as I was calling a lot of different HVAC companies. And it's so much more comfortable.
By: Jayda R.
Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors
I give the a 10 all the way around. My home feels much more comfortable with the refrigerated air, and I am telling ALL my friends about Omega!
By: Matthew R.
Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors
They are the best, the way they handled my AC situation they got me perfectly squared away. I recommend them to everyone.

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