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By: marvin.nakashima
I experienced a flood due to a breach of the intake hose to a commode. Because I did not think to see whether I was insured, when I called ServPro for water removal I was asked to put a $1500 deposit for service. One week later I found that my homeowners insurance did cover the flood damage.Returning from a vacation to find 3" of water in your house IS a TRAUMATIC experience! This review is about how ServPro of West El Paso handled this and particularly how Operations Estimator AM dealt with me during the 3 week drying and demolition process.Mold and mildew is a major concern particularly behind the drywall. Since I didn't know when the breach occurred, the following is speculation based on the FEMA document, "Dealing with Mold & Mildew in your Flood Damaged Home" and height of moisture ServPro detected by their moisture meter. FEMA estimates that drywall/insulation wicks up ca. 3"/day and ServPro estimated moisture height of 4' (48"). By this estimation the breach could have begun up to 16 days prior to my discovery of the flood. Plenty of time for mold and mildew to flourish and it did on bottom of bookcases/furniture/clothing exposed to the water, but remarkably little on ANY walls. FEMA says mold/mildew will develop within 24-48h following exposure and continue to grow if moisture source is not eliminated.AM's crew set up (2) 10 amp dehumifiers, which were run 24/7 for some 20 days. Since I was residing in the 2nd floor I could inspect for incipient mold growth during the drying period. The (3) photos attached are from the master bedroom area after ServPro removed drywall from the low area of the first floor and was likely exposed to the flood for most time. Mold is not pronounced after exposure to moisture for up to 5 weeks.So how did AM deal with me regarding the flood:1. Suggested I have air quality survey for mold spores, have HVAC system cleaned of mold spores, hire a mold consultant to do a before and remediation mold survey.2. Suggested that I NOT cash the first insurance check because that would mean I accepted his evaluation of the damage.3. Cancel an appointment with a contractor to assess repairs. At this point no demolition had occurred.4. Suggested that ServPro would return only $500 of my deposit since my policy had a $1000 deductible. This odd statement must pervade this franchise, since the Office Manager JG also tried this reasoning on me too. The $1500 was return 4 weeks later after a phone call asking why an email a week earlier inquiring about this matter had not been responded to. JG said that he had he had not seen the email and thought that my email might been blocked as SPAM. I sent the email to the address AM had on his card.When ServPro did the demolition they started out wearing coveralls and dust masks, but by the time they cut into the master bedroom area they were sans ANY protective gear.Conclusions, if you can keep your wits about you, you can save yourself unneeded demolition, which I let ServPro do to the tune of 7K, but as least I was able to resist AM's persistent "suggestion selling" of services which MY EYES and NOSE indicated no need for.
By: Hisa R.
had surface mold issue on the ceiling above the shower of my rental. used yp to look for businesses that provides mold remediation. called one who charges $250 just to look at it, not to resolved. then found sevpro west. talk to jimmy gomez; very professional, explained, in detail their protocal regarding mold remediation matter. upon explaining my issue, he was able to fit me in the following day. he cleaned and applied mold inhibitor. he also educated my tenant in simple mold prevention for the future. he followed up upon completion and gave me all details. the complany accepts major credit card and was able to call the office and completed the transaction. tenant happy, i'm happy, thanks to servpro west. hope this will not happen again, but i know who to call. Mr. Rosa, east el paso.
By: Rocco R.
Gemcon General Contractors
I had the exterior of my house painted and had wood that was replaced due to water damage. I was very pleased and satisfied with the work that was performed by Gerry Mijares and his crew. Gerry was on site and available throughout the entire process. Gerry and his crew were very punctual and worked diligently with and attention to detail. If there was anything that felt needed attention Gerry did not hesitate to accommodate me and make sure that I was satisfied. I had randomly selected Gemcon Contractors from an internet search and I am very glad that I ended up choosing a quality company. Honest, reasonable, reliable, and highly recommended.
By: lorena.avila.75054
Southwest Contractors
Don't know this contractors has such bad reports . . .they did my entire front and back yard xeriscaping and stamped colored concrete everything looks so well done. I highly recommend them. And I also did talk to David Delgado and asked him if it was true about him owning all three companies but he told me Desertaire is his and the other two companies are his two sons businesses. And I don't see what's wrong if he is helping them succeed in the line of professional business men... Once again I highly recommend there beautiful professional work. . . Can't judge them if you ain't seen there work. . .
By: Jimmy G.
To Complaint Written on 4/2014. Dear Sir or ma'am I am totally unaware of any appointment involving a free-fire estimate. We checked our records thoroughly and found no such appointment . It may be that at the time you were dealing with Servpro of El Paso East . Please contact me directly for further clarification . I am sorry for your bad experience however it had nothing to do with Servpro of West El Paso . Please contact me directly for further clarification. Jimmy Gomez ..Operations Manager .. Servpro of West El Paso C 915.590.3434
By: Diana P.
My mother had a water leak from washer. Juan Ramirez and Josh checked water damage using their electronic devices. They moved furniture, clothing, carpets out of the way and started the blowers. Juan came by for 4 days to check the home. He explained the amount of water damage, the process of drying and how they communicate with the insurance co. Juan and Josh gave us excellent service and I would highly recommend them. Thanks, Diana P.
By: Arturo C.
Handyman Matters
Called Martin for repairs on a chain link fence where a pole had been bent beyond repair. It had to be replaced. Called around town for immediate repair because of security concerns. Two weeks and three different companies later Martin shows up the following day after I called and did an excellent job at a great price. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!
By: Olga G.
Punto Living
I really recommend this builder. I have been living six months in my house and I'm very satisfied about my investment. Punto living staff have excellent attention toward us. And also I loved the contemporary style that these houses have. Congratulations Punto Living!!
By: valerie.k.mccain
Gila Mesa Builders Inc
They did a quality job, however, they seemed to have forgotten the details of the agreement made when we first got the estimate. They also treated us very badly as customers, and were very quick to offend. Very unprofessional!!!
By: Juan V.
Jordan Construction
Set up and operate machines such as lathes cutters shears birers millers grinders presses drills and auxiliary machines to make metallic and plastic workpieces.
Tips & Advices
Rutting occurs in the wheel tracks of a road and is generally seen when the asphalt isn't thick enough to support traffic.
Edge cracks are caused by weak edges. When there isn't enough support at the edge, the road will begin to stress and crack over time.
Depressions, are caused when the pavement isn't as deep in one area, or the land on which the road was laid is uneven. A slight depression can be fixed with another layer of asphalt.
Transverse cracks run perpendicular to the road's centerline, and can be caused by poor joint construction. Seasonal or daily temperature changes can also contribute to transverse cracks.
Longitudinal cracks are parallel to the road's centerline or the direction the driveway or parking lot was paved. They are caused by poor joint construction or simply aging pavement.

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