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By: treytreytrey
Gentlemen's Republic Barbersalon
So, I went here for my first ever salon kind of service. I'm a dude and was nervous and did not know what the Hell I was doing. The staff were so welcoming and friendly...all of them. I tried to get a wax once from one of those Asian places and that was a huge mistake. The Korean's yelled across the place and I was so embarrassed. Guys, you will not experience that at Gentlemen's Republic. It's a classy joint. Their services have more appropriate masculine names that I like too. A pedicure is called a foot detail, manicure is called a hand detail. I got both of those and something done on my face. You can change the channel on the TV, they have an x-box you can play and they offer you alcoholic drinks of your choice at no charge. It's pretty awesome. Very non-judgmental and chill staff. They are pretty crafty on their up-sell so make sure you tell them if you want something or not. The staff have an artsy look which adds to the cool vibe of the place. The owner is a pretty amazing woman too. When I went, they accepted cash only because their credit card machine was down...that sucked but it was just a hiccup in the system. The building is located in the historic area of downtown and it is pretty cool. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and will be going back
By: shantel.evans
Gentlemen's Republic Barbersalon
Being in the military and moving around it is hard to find a good barber, let alone a place that can cater to a man's up-keep. I found this place by searching the Internet and let me tell you it was worth the wait. This place is the epitome of man spa. The owner has done an excellent job of setting the atmosphere and providing all the right services to keep people coming back. From the moment I arrived I received the best massage I've ever had. Renee' really took care of me. Then I was treated to a foot detail that was right on point. And finally, my haircut and shave were something that resemble the 1920s. It was nostalgic, refreshing, and relaxing. If you are not making this place a routine stop to pamper yourself, you are missing out. If I could have given this place 10-stars, I would have.
By: Loremzo A.
Gentlemen's Republic Barbersalon
My wife set up a Signature Package at this place, and I have to admit that at first I was embarrassed because my friends were all ribbing me calling me a metrosexual and such. Well call me whatever you want, because this guy is the new mayor of this awesome place. The professionalism of all the service providers was really above par. I got a massage that left me speechless, a fricking awesome foot detail that took away all of callouses, a hot later shave that knocked me out, and a cool haircut AND they even fed me!! All they are missing is the hammock in the back patio. My wife had to drag me out of there.I think she is jealous now, because she has never come home from a spa day like I did. Thanks Babe I know you really love me cuz I am doing it again next month!
By: garnicaplayer
Gentlemen's Republic Barbersalon
Thanks to all the ranting and raving from several and I mean several of my friends who have gone to this truly resplendent establishment. It takes but a second to see when you are in a classy and upscale yet almost nostalgic place. I truly felt like a gentleman when I was getting a haircut and then a shave. Although I have had many a straight razor shave in various locations around the country, none like the kind I received at the hands of the AMAZING SUNNY. Talk about incredible, she even managed to put me to sleep with the chatter in the next room. Did i mention that the minute i walked in I was greeted and then asked if I would like a SCOTCH or BEER?? I decided on a sip of TEQUILA. Can't say enough. Go my friends go now.
By: sstrawder
Gentlemen's Republic Barbersalon
My neighbor told me about GR over a year ago now because of their hot lather shaves and complimentary drinks... I went once and I haven't been any where else since! Phenomenal customer service, knowledgeable staff who are very skilled and take pride in what they do, very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, and best of all, even though it says "salon" in the name it isn't your normal salon. Caters to both men and women and is basically a one stop shop for all of your grooming needs. Arlene has got to be one of the best stylists in town and Laura, the owner is super nice. Very Highly Recommend Gentleman's Republic regardless of what you need. They have you covered.
By: rober1974
Gentlemen's Republic Barbersalon
BEST BARBER SHOP EVER!!!! I have always wanted a Hot Lather Straight Razor Shave but after trying several shops in El Paso and Las Cruces I had just about given up hope until I read about this new barbersalon concept in the EL PASO INC. It was like walking into another time. From the design to the customer service, to the services offered! I love it and i am no longer embarrassed to get my hands,feet and face done. They even gave me a beer but I fell asleep during the foot detail. I am definately a convert and will come back every month!!!Thanks for the great service. I will tell all my friends.
By: bigsonnyd
Gentlemen's Republic Barbersalon
Glad I found this place. I love getting shaves when I am in Atlanta cuz the barbers really get down, and at Gentlemens Republic this cat named Will does a great job too. I also enjoyed a massage by Jackie, because she has hands that can put a man out. Also really liked the craft beer they served and they took care of my girlfriend upstairs at Queen for A Day. She went on and on all day about the mimosas and how awesome this place is.
By: iloveelpaso
Gentlemen's Republic Barbersalon
This place is really different. Its not your typical El Paso barber joint. The shave is by far the best I have every had because a woman has a better touch than a man. I had a facial because my wife insisted that I needed it and boy was it awesome. I still don't know about getting my feet done but that's next. Loved the beer and scotch. Thank you Laura and staff for the best customer service around.
By: prich282
Gentlemen's Republic Barbersalon
Super awesome. I picked up a postcard at Casa del Puro and called to make an appt and the chick answered that they were having a great day and that was awesome. I showed up and they gave me a free drink and then proceeded to cut my hair. i thought at first it was pricey, but then again it was an awesome experience and the best haircut ever from the blond girl Jenny. I am a client for life. Thanks.
By: jerrysep
Gentlemen's Republic Barbersalon
The reviews were not wrong at all. Everything was true about this cool place. It sends the women upstairs for their services, while the dudes stay downstairs and get their stuff done. they serve great craft and regional beer. I got to watch my favorite sports and even bought some cool eco-friendly hair products. Wish they had one In Austin. Keep up the great work.

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