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By: Tom G.
A Precision Clock Repair
In El Paso Texas, with a metropolitan population of almost a million people, it is very challenging to find a good craftsman regardless of the specialty (mechanic, painter, surgeon, attorney or clock master). Yet a skilled clock master, an artisan who repairs clocks, can be found in the likes of a Mr. Troy Huffaker of “A Precision clock repair” (915) 585-8900 services by appointment only. I had the fortune in taking my family heirloom large clock to Mr. Huffaker. Within a few minutes of his consultation I appreciated his confident, not arrogant manner and I knew that I had selected a true master clock craftsman that rivaled that of Royal clockmaker Antide Janvier. The enthusiasm, professionalism and intellectual honesty that Mr. Huffaker delivered was stellar. I rarely recommend tradesman however in the case of Mr. Huffaker I most fully and enthusiastically recommend the personalized and quality services of an experienced, trustworthy and very knowledgeable Master Clockmaker Mr. Huffaker, (915) 585-8900.Tom Grady
By: 2pines@bajabb.com P.
A Precision Clock Repair
When my old (100 years +) Ithaca calendar clock quit, I took it to A Precision Clock Repair. It's a long drive from Alamogordo to El Paso, but that was my choice based on Google returns and the reviews posted on the site.I wasn't disappointed. Troy examined the works while I was there and pointed out several discrepancies and told me what he would do to fix them. I learned more about my clock (my late father's) than I had ever guessed. I'm a retired Air Force mechanic, but all this was way beyond my skills!Two months later, as promised, Troy called me to say he was done and the clock was working fine. And the cost was exactly what he quoted me.It's now keeping time better than at any time in my memory. Many people have worked on this clock over its long history and many military moves across two generations, but I suspect that none were as good as Troy. If I inherit yet more clocks they will go to Troy before anything else is done with them.
By: Bill B.
A Precision Clock Repair
In the 30 years that my wife an I have been purchasing fine antique and new clocks we do not remember anyone telling us that they should be serviced on a regular basis. We should have known, but never thought about it until an antique grandfather and a mercury clock began to give us problems. We found A Precision Clock Repair on this website and because of the reviews and meeting in person, decided to entrust these very important pieces (important to us) to Troy Huffaker. His explanations are easy to understand, his demeanor refreshing and his work exemplary. We now understand from Troy that our clocks need to be serviced every 5 years and we will do so, but only with him. We both give Troy Huffaker our highest recommendation.
By: Skye F.
A Precision Clock Repair
Troy is a true professional and talented tradesman that you can trust to do a thorough and complete job. Nowadays, this has sadly become a rare trait amongst business practices. It was so refreshing to find someone that takes pride in their craft and is dedicated to getting the job done right. Troy is an honest person who will not scam you, so you can trust what he says. In the entire Southwest, I doubt you will find another Horologist like Troy. Certainly, he is the only person in El Paso that you can trust to get your clock up and running. As such, he is in very high demand and backlogged with clocks. Just know that once he takes your clock, it is in very good hands.
By: Samantha W.
A Precision Clock Repair
My husband and I are newly stationed to Ft. Bliss. We googled "clock repair" to hopefully get our grandmother clock back to playing beautiful music.. We were pleasantly surprised when Mr. Huffaker made an appointment for the same day. He checked things out all while giving us pointers on how to take the best care of our clock, he really pays attention to detail. He gave us an estimated cost, time frame and ultimately delivered back to us a fully functional clock that looks and sounds Amazing! Superior customer service! you can tell he knows what he is doing and loves doing it! thank you Mr. Huffaker for making our home feel so much more comfortable!!
By: R P.
A Precision Clock Repair
When our 12-year-old grandfather clock stopped working, it stood silent for about a year. It wasn't until we found A Precision Clock Repair that we were confident it could be repaired with expertise. After our initial consultation with Mr. Huffaker, we knew we could trust him to repair our clock. He is a true artisan whose knowledge of clocks and experience in clock repair are unsurpassed. Every step of the way, he demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, expertise, and courteous, reliable service. We are finally enjoying our clock once again, and we now have the knowledge to care for it properly.
By: brightsoft
A Precision Clock Repair
Troy is a true craftsman and professional. He also went above and beyond in his treatment of my Howard Miller wall clock. I've had the clock for 23 years and never had it serviced. Troy inspected it and recommended some repairs along with a thorough cleaning. He does all his own work, even making parts himself when necessary. Like I said, a true craftsman - rare in today's world. He is also friendly and approachable and truly believes in customer service. You won't go wrong placing your trust in Precision Clock Repair for your treasured clocks. PS. he also tuned the chimes, my clock sounds better than ever!
By: David P.
A Precision Clock Repair
Troy's a master. Our Howard Miller clock, which we've depended upon for 34 years recently gave up the ghost. Could't find anyone in Las Cruces to effect repairs. Local furniture store recommended Precision Clock; what a find. Troy found that replacement parts were not available. He asked that we give him a couple of days to get creative. After 5 hours of labor, and redesigning the internal mechanism, the thing is chiming away and getting us back on schedule. If one takes their inoperable clock somewhere else, they're making a huge mistake.
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By: Karen C.
A Precision Clock Repair
My mother recently passed away and left me a Herschede Grandmother clock that has been in my family for years but it had stopped working. After calling several people who did not have the knowledge to work on the clock I found Troy with Precision Clock Repair. He traveled up to Las Cruces and took most of the clock back with him. Not only did he get it running he showed me when the clock was built back in 1919. He is very knowledgeable about clocks and he takes pride in his work. I would highly recommend A Precision Clock Repair.
By: Mary M.
A Precision Clock Repair
I wish to express my delight in finding Mr. Huffaker to doing the very necessary repairs on my Grandfather clock. It was important for me find the right person for the job, since it was my late husband's "baby". Mr. Huffaker is friendly, professional and timely. What he finds that needs attention, he will give it to you straight. Mr. Huffaker is someone you want to trust with your heirlooms. My clock is working like never before. His professionalism is rare and worst every bit of time.

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