By: Tiffany M.
36 Handles
My fiancé and myself went to 36 Handles Pub last night to celebrate our anniversary. The live music was great! The atmosphere was very relaxing and wasn't too loud. We shared an appetizer of Garlic Fries, which was amazing. Had fresh garlic and the fries you could tell that it was fresh. Had an excellent selection of beer as well and the menu had suggestions on what to pair with food/beer. For the main course I had a Portobello wrap. Once again the flavors were amazing and the ingredients were fresh. The blue cheese dressing for my salad was a little strong though. My fiancé had their haddock fish and chips. He was really impressed with the flavors and how fresh the ingredients were. Now to the cons of the place. Our hostess to start off with were in these little booty shorts and was on the phone the whole time while she was seating us. In my opinion they encourage families to eat here and I feel like the shorts were a bit inappropriate. Our waitress was nice but clearly ignored our table and the table next next to next to us. We had had to ask to get napkins and utensils. We probably would have bought more beer and stand longer if she actually paid attention to our drinks. My fiancé asked to sample sample a beer he never tried and he ordered it before dinner. She didn't come back with his beer until 15 minutes later and and it was was a full size beer. He luckily ended up liking liking it but our waitress didn't even bother to ask. Granted we went on a Saturday night, but we were early enough that in my opinion wasn't busy. I would like to give this place a second chance, but we they seriously need better customer service skills.
By: Natalie W.
Sellands Market Cafe
Love this restaurant!!! Food is always fresh with locally grown produce and fresh meats, and the bakery is outstanding. They have an amazing $25 dinner for two special Monday through Friday that which includes a perfectly paired bottle of wine. They also make this available to go, so it's great for the working folks to pick up on the way home from work! There are also great selections for kids, such as the mac & cheese, and pizzas, and they also have a gluten sensitive & vegetarian section on their menu. Sunday brunch is outstanding, especially during farmer's market season in late spring. I highly recommend this place for every family, and every meal!
By: Lillian L.
Bistro 33 El Dorado Hills
What beautiful place for lunch. It was a little breezy, sop we elected to eat inside, but got a table near the open patio doors so we could easily view the fountain outside. We all ordered sandwiches with French fries and then had dessert. Since we were celebrating my birthday, they brought be a free dish of ice cream, but we also ordered the lemon creme brulee, which was yummy.
By: Christina B.
Early Toast
Loved my breakfast. Didn't appreciate having to wait until the food was served to get napkins and silverware. Repeatedly asked, to no avail. I was told to use the stir sticks for my coffee. Eewwww....who knows which littles or adults had their germy, filthy hands on them, and you want me to stir my beverage with that??!!
By: Heather W.
Milestone Restaurant
Great food with a fun and hip atmosphere. Fried green beans were the best I've had. My salmon was awesome and the roasted truffle oil Brussel sprouts were out of this world! I was also impressed with the service and that their happy hour was included in the dining area and not just the bar.
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By: Sheila R.
Sellands Market Cafe
Delicious sandwiches I had the avocado and jack so good! The lemonade was freshly made. I wish I would have tried their desserts looks so appetizing. The decor is rustic modern I wish they had a picture of it on their website. Its worth the drive just to go to this wonderful unique restaurant.
By: Rosie E.
Sellands Market Cafe
We tried the dinner for 2 monthly special ($25) during October - stuffed pork loin with herb roasted potatoes w/ a bottle of wine - and it was outstanding! Portions were medium sized but very tasty. We had the wedge salad and ended with a slice of carrot cake.
By: Sandy M.
Sellands Market Cafe
Wonderful casual restaurant with great food! All the quality and service that you'd find at Ella, in a setting with a family feel to it. Sellands family restaurants are amazing from the Market Cafe to The Kitchen!
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By: Emily D.
Hop House
Awesome place with a great vibe. The outside patio is perfect, especially for summer nights. The beer selection varies, lots of wines and helpful staff. I'll have to come back for the live music.
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By: Shauna H.
Sellands Market Cafe
This is my goto favorite lunch spot for dine in or take out. My favorite is the avocado sandwich for lunch. They also have an awesome $25 dinner meal for 2 that includes a bottle of wine.

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