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By: Anthony C.
Sundance Motors
Con artists that sell nothing but lemons. Takes you're money doesent ever give you tittle or smog some of them. Sold us a car next day had a blown head gasket took them 3 weeks to "fix it " dash stopped working a couple days later steering came apart on freeway spun out crashing In to guard rail to find out no airbags witch is illegal in CA . Then offers you money back just so you would come back to have him have a screaming fit blaming us . Ended up losing both car and RV because of thair incompetence . Never smoged Eather car or RV or started paperwork to put in our nameBottom line no mater what they change there name too they are crooks con artist and thief's and you'll never get you're tittle smog stickers or money back.
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By: Matt G.
Sundance Motors
Avoid this business at all costs. Negative stars if possible. The business is in default to their floor plan company and was unable to issue the title to the vehicle I purchased eight months ago. Business is astonishingly dishonest, saddled with debt, and grossly incompetent. It is the least professional business (no exaggeration) I have come across in my lifetime. I will be surprised if they are not shut down in ongoing DMV investigation, which would mercifully prevent people from falling into this situation.I purchased a vehicle at Sundance in January, assured I would receive registration within 90 days. Five months later, nothing. Calling DMV I find they did not finish all paperwork to transfer the title. Numerous calls to James at Sundance and he told me the title had been "misplaced" and to hold tight, he has a "DMV Girl" working to resolve it. Two months go by where I occasionally get him on the phone - always when I called, never because they returned a phone call. Always "working on it." Finally, told resolution is imminent in next week. That day comes, no call, no resolution, unable to connect by phone. I drove 2.5 hours to meet James face to face, and he finally admitted the issue with the floor plan company after I asked why he couldn't just apply for replacement title. Dealer refused to provide contact information for the floor plan company.To finally gain access to my title I needed to file a DMV complaint, contact the DMV investigator, and then the floor plan company. Finally I needed to submit a signed, notarized statement that I had truly purchased the car. This took days of work to complete on my part, and we thought we might not be able to keep our car. In addition, I needed to extend the registration temporarily with an additional trip to the DMV while resolving the issue. Long story short - avoid Sundance Motors!
By: Louis D.
Sundance Motors
I had a pick up truck stored a couple of buildings over from Sundance Motors for over two years. Bob K would ask me every few months, would you like to sell? I would say no. Last November Bob K calls and tells me I have to move it as the landlord wants the space that I am using. "Want to sell it?" I told Bob "If I can get 1,000.00 as is this week go ahead but I would rather keep it" I can come move it this week end.” I was working in Livermore at the time of the call and did not want to loose a work day. Never heard from Bob again. I did not think any more about it as Bob had said more than once you gotta move it! and nothing came of it. Landlord is cool and I have had been renting a space from him since 2001. Well when I was in the area last month there is my truck, window down in the rain at Sundance motors!! No one was around. Came back the next day and "truck is not here they are making a dump run! Went back the next day and " owner is not here" I talked to Bob and asked for my keys, Bob said I don't have them, Just talk to Sundance and go get your truck. When I finally got a hold of James at Sundance he told me he bought it for 1,000.00 I told him I was the legal owner and I had the pink slip. He said he had used it as his shop truck for six months and put a lot of money in it and If I paid him 400.00 for putting in a new steering column he would give me my truck or he would pay me 1,000.00 the next week. I don't feel getting a truck and using as your own and putting it for sale without paying any monies or so much as contacting the owner to get the authority to do the work or having any paper work is ethical for a business owner. I would have told him it was not for sale. It did not need a steering column only a small part inside the column. Beware if you are thinking a doing business with Sundance. I will post again after we go to court. (since he changed the key Sheriff could not force him to give me my truck). James has a temper on him too. The Sheriff asked at one point "Can I leave and you two talk it out?" James replied "I don't thing so!" So I left the premises.
By: Michael J.
Sundance Motors
After working with James and Butch over at sundance, I can safely say that their professianalism and industry knowledge will keep anyone coming back. They are both great guys, and they have an impressive and always changing selection to show off!

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