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By: mrsramirez
California Cosmetic Laser Clinic
I went to California Laser Clinic because a friend of mine had some work done and looked great. She told me they had free consultations so I went in with fillers in mind and the consultant did a 3D scan of my face to show me on the big screen. It was a little traumitizing to see at first. It was in real life perspective, a way I had never seen my face before. She described the aging process and showed me where I was losing volume but reassured me that it was an easy fix with fillers. It didn't take much convincing I was all for it and saw Dr. Mani the same day for my injections. I took advantage of a promotion they were running which was buy two get one free. My appearance greatly improved and I plan on coming back for more. BTW the Dr. himself was a sweet heart.
By: chargersgirl
California Cosmetic Laser Clinic
I have struggled with acne throughout my adolescent years. I have gone to several dermatologists and have tried all of the latest products without relief, that is until I discovered California Cosmetic Laser Clinic. I completed a series of Blu-U treatments in combination with the Dr. Majid Mani's line of acne products. I began seeing results immediately and my skin was not dried out and irritated as was the case with treatments and products I tried in the past. I would definitely recommend the clinic to anyone struggling with acne. It will without a doubt improve your appearance and self confidence.
By: luzecita
California Cosmetic Laser Clinic
I eat healthy, workout regularly and have tried every cream imaginable but was never able to approve the appearance of the cellulite on the back of my thighs, until I tried endermologie. I bought the package of twenty treatments to give it a try and after about the 7th/8th session I fell in love with the results! As far back as I can remember my legs have never looked so smooth. For the first time in years I feel confident with my legs exposed, highly recommend if you are suffering with a similar problem. Terrie is the best!
By: susanandjaime
California Cosmetic Laser Clinic
My husband and I went to the clinic and were very impressed. He got botox on his forehead and saw a dramatic improvement with his deep wrinkles. I got Artefill which I was reluctant to try at first since it was my first time receiving a filler but I couldn't have been happier. The doctor injected my temple area and it gave my face a very natural lift. There was very minimal swelling and bruising so I returned to work the following day. I am very exciting knowing that this will last about 7 years, it was a great investment.
By: araceli20
California Cosmetic Laser Clinic
Great customer service, all of the girls were sweet and made me feel comfortable since I was a little uneasy at first. My friend went in for laser hair removal and referred me. She said it was the best investment she has ever made and she was right, I feel the same. The treatment was just a little uncomfortable not painful like I had imagined but it was definately worth the results. My face looks lighter after removing all the dark hair and it made my skin tone look even, no more embarassing facial hair!
By: 8lucyloo8
California Cosmetic Laser Clinic
I was unhappy with the sagging skin in my jowl area and my deep naso labial folds. I saw a commericial where the doctor was injecting Artefill to give a liquid lift to the face, no surgery required. After consultation and debate I went ahead and purchased a total of 6 syringes which Dr. Mani applied in my problem areas and on the side of my face to create a tightening effect. It has been a month now and I can definately see the improvement. My skin looks tighter and I am enjoying the results.
By: mommyof2amazingboys
California Cosmetic Laser Clinic
With my last pregnancy I gained a lot of weight and unortunately got stretch marks on my lower abdomen. I first tried a cream from my dermatologist which was supposed to fade them and I did see slight improvement with the color, but it did not help the texture at all. I went for a consult at the laser clinic and decided to give Fraxel laser a try. After 3 treatments I saw a great improvement. They faded away even more and the skin became much smoother. Very satisfied with the results.
By: desertdez
California Cosmetic Laser Clinic
Don't know where to start, I have been coming to California Cosmetic for years and only have positive things to say. My favorite treatment by far is definately Fraxel for resurfacing. It has greatly improved the appearance of my skin by minimizing dark spots, large pores and wrinkles. Another favorite of mine is Restylane to plump up my lips. I love the way the doctor injects it. He keeps my lips looking natural yet full, exactly how I want them.
By: tnova63
California Cosmetic Laser Clinic
I recently started doing crossfit to tone my body and improve the appearance of the cellulite. SInce I have a couple of problem areas that I haven't been able to get rid of with exercise alone, I decided to try endermologie. I went in for a sigle treatment to try it out and left that day with a package. I have seen improvement and it also helps to relieve my sore muscles after crossfit allowing me to work out the next day pain free.
By: steph112312
California Cosmetic Laser Clinic
Throughout the years I have visibly aged, and was to the point where I was considering a surgical face lift. Thank goodness before I acted on it I stopped by the California Laser Clinic to get my nonsurgical options. After consulting I got Thermage to tighten my skin along with a combination of injections to give me back some volume and I absolutely love the rsults and am glad that I did not resort to surgery.
Tips & Advices
Plastic surgery comes from the Greek word “plastikos,” which means “to mold” or “to change.” Plastic surgery is a specialty in the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body. It includes cosmetic or aesthetic surgery, but also includes reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, and burn treatment.
The vast majority of cosmetic surgical procedures occur on an outpatient basis. With more extensive surgery, such as a tummy tuck, a previous health condition, or monitoring is needed, the doctor might require a short hospital stay.
Depending on the procedure, cosmetic surgery can cost anywhere from several -hundred dollars for facial “filler” injections to $20,000 for extensive invasive surgery. In addition to the surgeon’s fee, the patient or insurance company will be responsible for a surgical facility fee, anesthesia, medical tests, prescriptions, surgical garments, and other miscellaneous costs related to surgery.
According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the top five cosmetic surgical procedures in 2016 were:
  • Liposuction (414,335 procedures)
  • Breast Augmentation (310,444 procedures)
  • Tummy Tuck (181,540 procedures)
  • Eyelid Surgery (173,883 procedures)
  • Breast Lift (161,412 procedures)
Common nonsurgical cosmetic procedures include Botox injections, laser hair removal, and laser skin resurfacing.
While there is no definitive age minimum or maximum for a given procedure, most doctors won’t operate on minors for cosmetic reasons. Beyond the actual surgery, the risks of general anesthesia should be a major consideration for elderly patients.  Good doctors will advise patients against a procedure they think is unnecessary, carries unwanted risk, or won’t produce the desired outcome.

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