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By: Lavonne S.
Sears Appliance Repair
The repair was done well, the Repair was excellent the man was courteous and did the job within an hour. He explained everything to us in detail. We could not have asked for anyone better. The only problem was when I called Sears to tell them the Water heater had broken it took four days to get a new one, which is a long time to shower in cold water. We feel that having to get a Permit to install a Water Heater is absurd, we ere told only people who live in the city have to have them it is just another way for the state to get money. But back to the service it could not be better anywhere. Thank you Sears.
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By: Christi L.
Sears Appliance Repair
Great service & good price. The only reason why I gave them 4 stars is because the first repairman reeked of cigarette smoke & didn't have the part necessary (control board) despite the fact that I told him that was what I believed was wrong. But, he ordered the part & had it shipped directly to my house & another repairman came out & fixed it by end of the week. The part is refurbished, so I'm crossing my fingers that it works...otherwise I have the warranty & service contract....
By: Kim G.
Sears Appliance Repair
This would be a scheduling complaint. Sears Repair Dept. booked an 8 a to 12 p appt. Repair man called said he couldn't be there until 2. Had to reschedule, same time frame given. Repair man came after @ 2:15 p. I wasted 8 hours waiting. The repair man was nice and did necessary repair in 15 mins. But did not put back on a part he removed, and did not put back on the cover to the dryer. This all should be looked into by Dept Heads and corrections made. Thank you.
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By: Arthur R.
Sears Appliance Repair
Very disappointed with the service. Took requesting two service calls for a problem with the washer, and then another week to get the repair done on a third service call. On the first call the serve tech. denied that a problem existed. After replacing the control unit the problem still continued. Will need to have another service call, with the hope of getting the problem resolved.
By: Jennifer D.
Sears Appliance Repair
We had a leak in our washer off and on for the last year and had several repair men coming to the house trying to fix it. Thank goodness this last repairman took the time to research the washer and run in through all kinds of tests and different load settings which enabled him to discover the leak was coming from the soap dispenser. I am SO happy it is finally fixed!! :)
By: Raffaella M.
Sears Appliance Repair
I was very pleased with their service. The technician was very professional and he offered to switch my door on the dryer. I greatly appreciated him doing extra work that was not scheduled. I would recommend Sears to anyone that needs appliances their service is wonderful, you don't have to worry about any of your appliances they will make sure that each works well.
By: L. C.
Sears Appliance Repair
Brian was extremely helpful. Helped me to understand the cause of the problem and provided a discount on the service and part. Even explained how to better maintain the appliance, which I will now do on a regular basis. The ice maker works fine now.
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By: Christopher B.
Sears Appliance Repair
Very Happy with the results. It took about 4 appointments. With the Service plan there was no charge. Had the same Rep for the last three appointments and He did a great job. I am very pleased with the work and the results.
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By: sanlician
Sears Appliance Repair
The two guys that came to check out my Tredmill were very perfesonal and couteouse. They knew what they were doing. They asked lots of questions about anything I had concerns with. I really appreciated there work.
By: Terry T.
Sears Appliance Repair
I called for a maintenance inspection on our clothes dryer, refrigerator, and dish washer.The inspector was very efficient in checking all three items, correcting those that needed it, and cleaning the machines.
Tips & Advices
Aftermarket replacement parts can be perfectly safe and reliable, but be sure to do your research. If replacing a more integral piece, such as washing machine’s water pump or a thermostat for a busted water heater, it might be best to purchase new.
Replacement parts generally come with warranties extending anywhere from 30 days to five years, depending on the original price, the nature of the fix and the age of the part itself.
If you’re seeking new parts repair companies will generally mark up their prices slightly--particularly at a major national retailer. However, used parts are typically discounted.
Cheaper used appliance parts can be found online or at many local, independently owned retailers, along with ecommerce sites such as eBay. Major retailers, however, generally limit their selection to unused, full-priced options.
Second-hand appliance parts are generally anywhere between 50-75% cheaper than new ones, but warranties might not extend as long and the parts may be less reliable or come with a shorter lifespan. Be sure to research the source of any second-hand parts to ensure the dealer is reputable and the part itself reliable.

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