By: Flowers by R.
Stone Creek Plumbing Co
This morning as i was headed out the door i noticed something out of the corner of my eye. soap bubbles. at the rim of the kitchen sink. odd i think to myself and walk over to inspect. the kitchen sink is completely full of water which is really odd because there was no water running. i call work and tell them i will be late and go grab the plunger. i plunge and i plunge and nothing happens so call a plumber i must. I noticed some nice reviews Stone Creek had, yet a few not so good ones. I don't know who to call, how are we supposed to know? Everyone gets screwed over somehow these days. Anyway, about 40 minutes later two guys showed up. took some things apart. snaked some things. got the water draining properly again. i'm on the first floor and the main line for the building was filled with a rock of grease. they showed me a pipe in my sink's drain that seriously needed to be replaced. it had a huge rust spot and completely crumbled upon further inspection. a quick trip to the parts store for a new pipe. installed the pipe and out the door they went. i am a new homeowner and this was my first time dealing with a plumber. i can say with certainty these Stone Creek guys will be my first call next time i have troubles!
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By: Terrie G.
Price Plumbing Inc
I rely on reviews and recommendations when I choose a service so it's very important to write one whenever I've had a good/bad experience. This is what I thought of my experience with Price Plumbing: SUPER FAST, PROFESSIONAL, FRIENDLY, AND THOROUGH! I was running my baby a bath when all of a sudden my hot water would not turn off when I turned the knob. We had to turn off the water to the entire house for the rest of the evening. I called Price Plumbing's emergency line, left a message and they got back to me first thing in the morning. They managed to squeeze me in that afternoon during a time that was convenient for me. He arrived, was very courteous (my baby liked him), and discovered the issue and had it fixed in no time at all. He even advise me on another plumbing issue I had. On time, very nice, extremely fast and efficient, and I feel that they did not overcharge. What more can you ask for! A friend recommended them to me and I am thankful they did. Thank you Price Plumbing!
By: Veneshia jamison W.
Stone Creek Plumbing Co
My toilet had been given me fits for 6 months, flushing by itself in the middle of the night! America's Choice warranty sent some fools out, 2 times!! and they were absolutely the most worthless company, took my fee and dint do a thing!! I would never use them again ever. Finally I complained enough and them Warranty people then they sent Stone Creek out. These dudes had to replace the commode for me, and now I can sleep at night finally! Stone Creek fixed it, why couldn't them other fools get that done!? If I move I am fo sho bout to call Stone Creek for plumbing prollms. That man Scott is fine too, and they super nice folks on the phone!
By: Eight cylinder A.
Stone Creek Plumbing
Terrific plumber. Had a leaky pipe under the house that turned out to be a lot trickier to fix than first anticipated. Despite the fact it took Scott twice as long as he thought it would, he stuck to his original quote, fixed the leak and did it all in a friendly, professional manner. I'll definitely be calling them again if I have another plumbing issue.
By: Redsox2004 C.
Stone Creek Plumbing Co
Our warranty company sent Stone Creek Plumbing guys to repair a water leak in my ceiling. They were able to find the hole and got authorization. Fortunately I didn't have to wait another day, while they were here they cut out the pipe and made the repairs. I couldn't be off work until after 3:30, so they were very helpful to me.
By: Laura M.
Expert Mechanical Services LLC
Sorry American Home Sheild caused a bad experience with Expert Mechanical, I have dealt with warranty and private pay both with this company, and I understand that Expert Mechanical was controlled by American Home Sheild, private pay was much better, serviced and fixed the same day! Good luck and get rid of AHS!!
By: dixonk
Higgins Plumbing
I highly recommend Higgins Plumbing. He was fast, friendly, and fair on the price. I had him install a water hose outlet in my garage so that I can wash my cars easier. He was out the next day, installed in less than 30 minutes, and was very easy to work with.
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By: Matt M.
Jean's Plumbing
They have replaced our water heater, repaired our central line, replaced our shower head TWICE, fixed a drain in our home, AND worked on many of our clients' homes over the last quarter of a century.We recommend Jean's WITHOUT RESERVATION.
By: justine.lines
Cherokee Plumbing
Cherokee plumbing has worked with us for two years on a remodel of an old house on central OKC. We have been so lucky to find them. They do great work, are very helpful and are honest. We've been so happy with them.
By: C B.
Plumb Genius
Good service and friendly staff. I thought they did a nice job on my plumbing issue. I didn't have any issues and would recommend them.
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Many refrigerator repair companies offer warranties on their work, and this can provide you with peace of mind if you need to hire these companies for appliance repair and service. In many cases, a warranty is offered on parts used in the repair of your refrigerator. Some companies also offer a warranty on related labor costs.
To decide whether it's worth repairing a refrigerator, you need to get an estimate of the repair cost. If the cost of repairing the product is more than half the cost of purchasing a new refrigerator, it's recommended that you purchase a new unit. Modern refrigerators are a lot more energy-efficient than older models, so if you have to replace your unit, take comfort in knowing that the new model will likely reduce your monthly energy expense.
The average lifespan of a refrigerator that has been well-maintained is 14-17 years. A refrigerator's size plays a role in its life expectancy. Compact models last an average of 14 years, while standard refrigerators can last up 17 years. You can make sure your refrigerator lives a long life by practicing diligent maintenance and keeping the unit away from direct sunlight and appliances that generate heat.
No, it is not normal for a refrigerator to run constantly. If you face this problem, it could be caused by dirty condenser coils. Your refrigerator's condenser coils should be cleaned twice a year. If your refrigerator runs constantly, the problem could also be the result of a defective defrost heater assembly.
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