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By: jmf8888
January Chiropractic & Acupuncture
Before you read about my experience at January Chiropractic and Acupuncture I just wanted to say that today a member of Dr January's staff called me and let me know that customer service is very important to them and that they were not happy that I was not happy and actually refunded my money. While I would still not go back they did make it right and perhaps my bad experience was an isolated event. When I went into this office I found the number in the phone book in extreme pain. Dr January was not at all sympathetic and caused me more pain he was not helpful at all. On this first visit he took over priced xrays which I later found out from a respectable chiropractor were unnecessary. Did a very minor very painful adjustment and asked me to come back the next week.So I went about a week more in extreme pain didn't want to pay another Dr. When I went back he said that he had reviewed my unnecessary xrays and that he could help me with 12 to 15 visits. He showed me my xrays and pushed on my back in one spot causing more pain and then rolled a quack medical device on my back which he said would prevent muscle spams which it did not and for this charged another 50 dollars. The whole time I was there everyone I saw told me about their child adjustments that it could help with all kinds of things. Its too bad I cant give him no stars. I went to Dr Frazee in Guthrie who had me in much less pain on the first visit and completely healed in 4.
By: Kandi W.
Jackson Chiropractic Clinic
I have been attending this clinic for over a year. I had no idea my spine was so out of alignment. I actually had shrunk 2 inches, after six months I was my original height. My back, neck and shoulders do not constantly hurt. My headaches used to be weekly even daily. Today I haven't had a headache in over six months. I highly recommend Jackson Chiropractic. Dr Jackson knows his stuff and his staff, Erial and Sue are amazing. They don't have to look at your chart to remember your name or your ailments. If they haven't seen you in awhile they will call you to remind you that its time to come in. The girls are awesome and stay on top of everything. There is never a delay in your treatment. I have not ever been in there longer than 30 minutes. They get you in and out. To shorten this up....they all are AWESOME.
By: christina.francis.733
Hughes Chiropractic & Wellness
I live in Norman and happily make the trip to Edmond as much as possible. Brian (Dr. Hughes) is very thorough and extremely sensitive to my needs and ailments. He is kind and sincere and truly listens to me when I am explaining my problem areas. He makes sure to explain possible causes as well as preventative methods in a way that I can comprehend. He makes sure to follow up with me and I am more than satisfied with each visit. He most definitely has "magic hands" and is a "master of his craft". I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a professional "therapist".
By: Zac C.
Sooner Chiropractic
Dr. Wilson is great. He is very knowledgable and professional. I was having severe back pain in my upper back...it was making sleeping nearly impossible. I've always avoided going to chiropractors due to my preconceived idea that they couldn't really help. Well trust me, Dr. Wilson can help! He doesn't make a joke of the profession...he just goes to work and solves the problem/pain! I wouldn't trust anyone else! I highly suggest if your in pain you give him a chance to prove to you how he can make living without pain possible! Thanks Dr. Wilson.
By: Taylor H.
Hughes Chiropractic & Wellness
I have been a server for about two years and I have always had low back pain to the point where I couldn't pick up boxes at work or move glass trays. When I started to go see Dr. Hughes he not only help me get back to normal but he also helped me get rid of my constant headaches which I didn't even know chiropractic could help with! His staff is super helpful and always greets me with a smile! I highly recommend everyone going to see Dr. Hughes.
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By: Laura S.
While I'm sure errors can happen, I think this place is convenient, helpful, beautiful and professional. I drive some distance to them because of their convenient hours. I have favorite chiropractors in their group for one reason or another but all seem to know their stuff.
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By: Erika S.
January, Megan
I was in a car accident and went to see Dr. Megan. She cares about the overall wellness of her patients; she helped me recover fully from the accident. Her office respects busy lifestyles so I was able to go consistently with no long wait time!
By: jordanwright1012
Dr. Rondall Cornwell, D.C.
Everyone at Cornwell Clinic is so helpful, and attentive to what they're patients are feeling. No corners were cut in examining my back, then explaining every step of what was happening. Highly recommend!
By: David L.
Edmond Chiropractic Center
Dr Heng has been keeping my back demons at bay for several years. He uses a gentle pressure technique to keep my lower spine aligned. It works.
By: Trina S.
Sooner Chiropractic
Dr. Wilson provides great health care and really cares about each person he treats.

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