By: jessicabell
The Pawparazzi Lounge
We LOVED the Pawparazzi Lounge - it's by far the best place we've boarded our dogs! We did daycare once then the Play and Stay for 8 days, which was awesome because dogs get to play all day long (with the exception of naptime) instead of having to pay extra for their playtime. Everytime I checked the doggie cam - which was honestly an embarrassing amount - there was at least one person playing, loving on or just hanging out with the dogs. Jordyn was extremely accommodating and you could tell everyone that works here truly loves dogs. Needless to say, this is now our go-to place for boarding.In response to Ben with the negative review: firstly, I highly doubt your dogs smelled like urine and feces; your dogs probably smelled like dogs that were given tons of playtime and rightfully took advantage of it, but it's more suitable to your agenda to exaggerate and say urine and feces. Secondly, if there were fleas on premises, you wouldn't be the only owner complaining about it. Thirdly, you don't specify the type or severity of the bacterial infections; the bacteria can live almost anywhere so they could have been infected in your backyard, on a walk, etc. but again, it suits your agenda to throw a blanket statement out there and say they were infected while in their care.I'm not an owner, employee or relation to either. I am an extremely satisfied customer that realizes how easy it is for people (or businesses) to facelessly sit behind a keyboard and hand out fake reviews like candy. Apologies for the rant, long-story short - The Pawparazzi Lounge was wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!
By: Magen K.
The Pawparazzi Lounge
I have utilized The Pawparazzi Lounge for my dog Apollo and couldn’t have had a better experience. I am no longer in the area or Apollo would still be attending The Pawparazzi Lounge every MWF! When I picked him up after work, Apollo was always SO exhausted from a busy day of playing and socializing. Every MWF on the drive to the lounge he knew where he was going and could barely contain his excitement. The owner, Jordyn, works very hard to cater to the comfort and happiness of each dog that visits The Pawparazzi Lounge. I have recommended The Pawparazzi Lounge to many people and will continue to do so. It is such a wonderful place for our furry friends to play and relax while we are away.
By: dogloverdoser
The Pawparazzi Lounge
I have been going to Pawparazzi Lounge for a very long time. It is the best Doggie daycare in Edmond. The staff care greatly for all the animals. A bad review from someone who won't even put their nickname on it for others to see is suspect. One customer gets mad about something then makes things up to try to give a business a bad name is just wrong. This is a great place for your dog. The staff is friendly and play with all the dogs. You don't have to take my word for it, just go on to the website and watch with the dog cam. They never know when your watching and I have never seen them be mean to any animal. They are the best!
By: taunya.ingrammccarty
The Pawparazzi Lounge
This is a great doggie day care. Friendly staff and a great place for your precious pooch to spend the day. Always clean, in the many times I have been in and out I have never smelled any kind of bad odor. The owner and her young apprentice seem to genuinely care for all the dogs in their care. One of the best features is the doggie cam so that you can log in at any time and watch your dog playing and interacting with their playmates. I do all the time and have always been pleased with all the play activities. I trust them totally.
By: granma06
Doggy Dooz Pet Salon
WOW WOW and WOW!! A pet salon that is spacious and the owner is great with your dog even if you may be a new client. Your dog or dogs will be pampered by the groomer/owner as if they were treating their own as she is a dog owner and lover too! Seriously, bring you dog down or up to this new pet salon and see for yourself how well of a great grooming and pampering your pet will get! Oh yes and don't be surprised if they try to stay when you pick them up at the end of their pampering!
By: jean.peters.1088
Doggy Dooz Pet Salon
We have a large, very hairy male collie. He is our baby and a gorgeous dog. I have taken him several places to have him groomed but NO place can compare to the way he looked when I picked him up from Doogy Dooz. They only charged about 1/2 of what I usually pay. He was awesome, they are awesome and so professional. The salon was extremely clean. Loved the whole experience. I will definitely be back, probably sooner than usual.
By: 2012olympics
The Pawparazzi Lounge
The staff is always friendly and loving. Very well known business in Edmond with webcams to watch your doggies. Staff is always interacting with the dogs. Lot's of toys and fun games including agility. Loyal customers. Trained staff. I have two dogs that go to daycare almost everyday. Wouldn't go anywhere else in Edmond. Max and Elsie's is a nice place but they only take small dogs.
By: judy.duckett
Bubbles and Pets
Nancy is the best groomer I have ever found...she is extremely competent. and she is so efficient that my furbaby is almost always ready after only a couple of hours....equally important to me is how she treats my pet...he loves her and can't wait to get inside...I have recommended her to all my friends and neighbors and she has never disappointed......as I said, she is the best!.
By: schnauzerbuff
Doggy Dooz Pet Salon
This is an awesome salon!! After taking my Giant Schnauzers to another groomer that did not clip nails or know what a Giant was supposed to look like, I ended up with a $250 vet bill for toenail infections and a dirty, poorly clipped dog. I am SO HAPPY to find Doggy Dooz since they did a beautiful job and are so professional and accommodating. This is our permanent groomer.
By: oklahomaphillips
Doggy Dooz Pet Salon
Open and clean, your loved pets are not kept hidden away but are right there for anyone to see! No worries! Took our Sally and she is not an easy dog to deal with! They were professional, kind, gentle, and so understanding of her fear! I will be back! Glad to finally find a place that's safe and good at what they do!!!!!!

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