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By: Baylee A.
I arrived to get my iPhone 6 screen replaced just before 5pm. Patrick told me that he could do it and told me that there was one other repair before mine and that they take about an hour. I had my toddler with me and told him that we would be down in the play area and wait for it. I gave him an alternate number to call when the phone was done. We came back at seven and were told that he hadn't started the repair yet. He told me that it would be another 30 min wait. Here is where I have an issue, first I was told that it takes an hour, now it is down to 30 min...I was also frustrated because if he had called me to inform me of the delay I would have taken my son home and come back whenever my phone was done. I decided to wait by the kiosk this time while I watched him put on the new screen, mainly to leave as soon as it was done, and he completed the project in 15 min. I was lied to about how long the repair would take and then it was only done when I stood and waited for it.
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By: Nicholas L.
I was greeted and was informed that my screen would cost $110, Upon returning an hour later the tech/clerk told me that everything was in working order but the vibrate function. I infromed him that i had never had that problem before... this is where it got a bit hairy. He then proceeded to take the screen off and snap off an "unnecessary" piece of metal off of the inside of the phone, he then tried a few more things and returning told he thought that he had fixed the problem by removing yet another "piece that doesn't do anything i don't even know why apple puts them in", no such luck. I asked if he had any other ideas to which he said he didn't. So he handed me the phone to confirm the screen worked, it did but the home button was halfway depressed and slightly askew. He said sometimes the gasket wears out and that wasn't his fault, that he did everything the same as apple would. I highly doubt apple would break a device without replacing it or put "unnecessary pieces" in phones.
By: staci.siewert.7
My boyfriend and I went Cellairis in Eau Claire on Sunday June 22nd, to get his IPhone 4S screen fixed because it was cracked. His phone worked perfect before we dropped it off and nothing was wrong with it. An hour and a half later when we went back to Cellairis to pick up the phone the employee had a new screen on the IPhone 4S and the screen was blue. The employee said that the phone said plug into iTunes and he also said that his boss said that we had to plug it into iTunes and restore it and then everything would be okay. And the employee said if it dident work after that to bring it back to him and he would fix it. So we paid for the new screen and then drove back to rice lake and plugged it into iTunes and clicked restored, an error came up and the phone dident work anymore. I picked my boyfriend up Monday June 23rd from work so we could go back to Cellaris and get the phone fixed. We got to Cellaris and the employee took the phone apart again and the button for the iPhone on the new screen he put in the iPhone 4s was tapped in. So he took the tap off and put a black button in and then used the tap from the old button and put it on the back of the new button and then started to reassemble the phone and me and my boyfriend were like where does that piece go and he said I'll put it in after this piece, as we waited and watched him he took that piece and slowly pushed it on the floor so it dident go back in the phone and I said where does that screw go and he said that it was an extra screw! He took it out when he was taking the phone apart again so it wasent an extra screw. So the employee dident even put all the parts back into the phone. The employee had a bunch of the wires in the back of the phone twisted and messed up. Once he got the phone back together and then it wouldent even turn on. He blamed it on the battery so he put a different battery in and then took the phone all apart again and then reassembled it. The phone still wouldent turn on after he got it put back together. He called his boss and his boss said that he's gonna have to buy us a new phone and then a few mins later he was on the phone with his boss again an then she said that he wasent gonna buy us a new phone cause he's broke. He broke the customers phone! The employee ordered a part and said the phone should work then and he said the part would be in Thursday. And he said he would call us when it's ready. We'll Thursday we dident hear from him. So Friday I called and his boss said it was ready for it to be picked up and she said that on the iPhone screen it says connect to iTunes and she said connect it to iTunes and restore it and then it will be good. So Friday after my boyfriend got done with work we went to Cellaris for the third time to get the phone. We got there and connected it to iTunes and clicked restored and then that error came up again an the employee said he was gonna charge us over 73 dollars when he told us nothing about charging us when he said he would fix it. But he only broke the phone more. After connecting it to iTunes for the 3rd time am trying to restore it it wouldent work. The employee then told us that it was an software issue and that it was nothing on his end. Which is dumb because there was nothing wrong with the phone when we dropped it off to him on Sunday June 22nd. He broke it an is blaming it on a software thing. It's not the first phone he has broke either.
By: dick.nelson.988
GOALS Life Coaching
Well, I this place sounds like a great thing! But, I wrote a email and called this place and got nothing in return. Is this what a "life coach" does? Shows people that ignoring people is the way to live a life? I wish I could just ignore things. Maybe thats why I wanted life coaching sessions... Dont think this is a very healthy way to do business.

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