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By: Bryan L.
Foxboro Property Management Services, LLC
I wanted to take a minute to thank all the individuals working behind the scene's at Foxboro. My wife & I have been living at a Foxboro residence the last 2 years and we have been extremely happy with the professionalism, pride, & fast response to our questions & problems that we may have had through the 2 years. This goes from the front office associates all the way to the maintenance man, George. Thank you all so very much for everything. A+ job and I will recommend your properties to anybody!I would like to take a special moment to thank George. On one of the coldest nights during the dreaded winter of 2014, my wife came home from work at approximately 11:00pm at night. I was sleeping and didn't notice it was colder than usual in our home. She found the furnace was not functioning and woke me up. Worried about our 3 month old baby, we immediately called the emergency maintenance phone number and George arrived on scene about 1 hour later. At midnight, George tried to get our furnace going but unfortunately didn't have the parts required to fix the problem. He drove to his shop and returned at about 1am with some electric heaters that helped keep our house warm until the problem was fixed. Words cannot describe the appreciation we have for this kind of dedication, especially with a 3 month old baby.George treated us as though we were part of his family & that is the same treatment we received from everybody at Foxboro.Thank you all again for everything you have provided my family.Sincerely,B,M,B L
By: Dakota D.
Foxboro Property Management Services, LLC
I am giving Foxboro a five star rating because they worked and communicated with me very well. There were a few disagreements regarding the security deposit, but with professionalism we were able to work it out. Also, when I told them about my neighbors leaving garabe along the street, they were their that same day to remove it. The dryer had died, and they got a repair company to the apartment complex to fix it right away. Overall, I did all of my communicating to Susan and she was AWESOME! If you ever need to talk to someone at Foxboro, make sure it is Susan! She is polite, professional, and replies back to you within a timely manner!! Thank you Susan and the Foxboro team!
By: Stacy B.
Foxboro Property Management Services, LLC
My husband and I had a great renting experience with Foxboro. We rented from them for over 2 years and had no issues whatsoever. The property was a town home in Eau Claire, and it was in great condition. Very well maintained. Foxboro was extremely helpful with any service calls we made and if something ever needed to be fixed, the maintenance team would be there as soon as possible. Foxboro was more than extremely accommodating when we needed to break our lease early due to buying a home. They were very helpful with everything. We would recommend Foxboro to anyone who is looking for a management company to rent though!
By: Brenda R.
Foxboro Property Management Services, LLC
To whom it may concern, I would like to say that we had a great experience with renting with Foxboro Properties. My husband and I with our two children needed to rent a place while our home was being built. We rented for about 14 months and during this time I can honestly say it was a good experience. If there was a problem with anything needing to be fixed someone was right there fixing it. The property was a duplex in Chippewa Falls, and it was well maintained. We moved right in and didn't have to clean or anything. Thanks for a great rental. J & B R
By: Luke N.
Foxboro Property Management Services, LLC
Foxboro was the best property management company I had throughout my college experience in Eau Claire. They were very good at cleaning snow during the long winters. They salted sidewalks nicely and kept outsides up well. Whenever I went into their office, their staff was always very friendly and helpful. I needed someone to come out and look at a leaking appliance once and they had a repairman there within 24 hours and fixed my problem without hassle. I would highly recommend this company.
By: Melissa W.
Foxboro Property Management Services, LLC
I was the tenant at the above address for a year. I definitely can say that my experience was one of the best when I was there. The neighborhood was safe with a variety of ages, and at night when I turned my lights off, I felt safe. Whenever there was anything wrong inside my duplex, I would call Foxboro and they came without hesitation. If I ever needed to rent again, I would definitely use Foxboro. Thank you for making my stay so pleasant. *MW
By: Sean C.
Foxboro Property Management Services, LLC
Wanted to thank Bart from Foxboro. I moved to Eau Claire and looked at some terrible places. I met Bart and he made things happen from the being, getting me in places and showing me different properties. I sign a lease the first day because of Bart’s help. I would recommend Foxboro to anyone looking.
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By: Kyle H.
Foxboro Property Management Services, LLC
Foxboro was a great place to rent from. They quickly helped me and my friends find a place to stay for a great price! Outstanding customer service and overall great experience. Thank you!

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