By: amymcc24
Brown Daub Kia
After many years of hearing Tom Ring's various "catchy" advertising jingles on the radio; I finally took the opportunity of experiencing their great customer service first hand. The Memorial Weekend advertising campaign that flooded the radio sparked my contemplating the purchase of a new car; I took a ride over to the dealership just to "browse" and came home the same day with a sporty 2010 Altima Coupe that I love! With only one step inside the door I was greeted with a smile and warm welcome from Jake Roehrich. He was very friendly and made me feel right at home was we discussed various types of cars, he was very informative, kind and courteous. He was a great listener and displayed a sense of caring more about his customer's needs than scoring a sale. Although the dealership was filled with curious potential buyers, Jake did not rush me or pressure me into buying a car. What Jake did do was find : he found the perfect car for me that suited my needs and wants, we took it for a test drive and I loved the car! Then he proceeded to give me an offer I couldn't refuse - a great price and a great interest rate and a payment I could afford. Jake is the "Best Salesman Ever!" He sold a car and I left as an extremely satisfied customer!
By: janeg2013
Brown Daub Kia
I am so appreciative of Brown Daub in Easton! With low 600's for my credit score, I was thrilled to be approved for a car loan, especially since I was having difficulty. They gave me a good value for my trade in, which was a Kia Sportage 2006, and had over 105,000 miles on it. When I had purchased my Kia Sportage, my dad was my co-signer, and he recently went through Bankruptcy. As a result, my credit was affected, and the car was put in Bankruptcy, thus showing in all 3 Credit Bureaus that there was no car loan under my name, even though I had been paying on it for 2 1/2 years! So, Brown Daub had to contact Santander, my car loan, to get verification that I indeed had been paying on my car loan. It was all handled very professionally. Also, I wanted my monthly payment to be not more than $400. They did their best and got me approved with 6.74 percent interest, which was fantastic since low credit scores usually put interest rates 12-15%. So now, I have a very nice Kia Soul that I can afford, and a car loan in my name only! Thank you Don Martin (who came in on his day off to help me) and the team at Brown Daub Kia in Easton for taking such good care of me and being so understanding of my situation!
By: Holly N.
Brown Daub Kia
Where to even start! Jon and Mike were an amazing team. We are soooo happy with Brown Daub Kia! We started off looking for something other than a kia in their used section, however quickly realized that a brand new Kia Optima was perfect for our family! We are beyond more than happy with our new car, not to mention it's a Hybrid and is great on gas. Not only did we just purchase a new car, we are going to be saving a ton a month on oil changes and gas alone that the warranty is just an added bonus! This was the perfect car buying experience for us! We can't wait to purchase another! So needless to say, the next time you are in great need to buy a car, with a limited budget, ask for Jon and tell him the Zavis Family sent you! Good Luck! Don't be nervous, this is the easiest purchase of your life. Little hassle and Stress FREE!TeamZavis
By: blairdee
Brown Daub Kia
My family and I needed a bigger vehicle since we are expecting our third child soon. So we decided to go back to Brown Daub Kia where we purchased our previous car and see what they could do for us. We had the pleasure of working with Don Martin who helped us so much with our first car. He went above and beyond to make sure we could get into the car we needed while working with the fact we are pretty financially strapped right now with only me working and providing with for the family. We ended up getting a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan and my wife, kids, and I couldn't be happier. The staff and Brown Daub Kia work hard to get you into the car you need and make sure you can afford it down the road. I would like to thank Mr. Martin and the staff for a very good customer service and helping us again. Nothing but high marks!
By: bobbybauer
Brown Daub Kia
When I arrived walked in and got the best friendliest service I couldn’t imagine in a lifetime. After getting signed in, they asked what kind of vehicle I was looking for and showed me where the trucks were at and I took it for a test drive to make sure that is the vehicle you truly want. After getting approved, I nearly dropped on the floor with a heartattack. The dealership fights so hard to get you approved and so I guess it is true on what the old saying is that you can actually get blood from a stone. Nothing is impossible cause did you try slamming a revolving door? So, the best thing I can tell you is get down to Brown Daub Kia in Easton on the William Penn Highway and have something in mind to knowing on what you want they help you a lot!
By: amyc123
Milham Ford Toyota Scion
Sales associates both listened to what I was looking for in a car as I was looking at Mustangs-overall features more so than speed/transmission. To be honest, I didn't even really want a Mustang; I was just browsing. Alex Korch suggested a Mustang up that was in a different location on the lot, and we took her for a drive. Alex spent a lot of time talking to me about the car and checking for another color. There was no pressure at Milham, I took the Mustang home for a night & ended up falling in love with it. No haggling over prices/trade the next day-I would definitely go back to Milham (and will probably end up being a Mustang driver for life!). Awesome job to Alex, this is the perfect car for me!
By: joelbishop
Brown Daub Kia
From the first words he spoke to us, he did not stop helping us. He was realistic with us and worked within our budget. He was super friendly and helpful. Made us laugh and feel comfortable. You could tell it was more than just a sale to him. He made my kids laugh and not be bored through the process. He was amazing and I will send as many people as I can to him! Thank you Caveman! When Caveman was grabbing paperwork or trying to process the deal, Jake was there helping him and talking to us also. He wasnt making the deal, but he still helped us feel welcome. If going to Brown Daub ask for either of these two and you will not regret it. They are both amazing!
By: miajackson
Brown Daub Kia
I have HORRIBLE credit and felt as if I would not be able to drive a nicer newer vehicle, until I went to Brown Daub Kia in Easton. I met with a salesman named Jake Roehrich and he was very understanding to my situation. He was very honest, straight forward and down to earth. When he came back to tell me I was approved I thought that either my payments would be outrageous or I wouldn't like the vehicle. To my surprise he listened when I told him my monthly budget and what I was interested in driving. I now have a 2011 Nissan Sentra that is $30.00 below my monthly budget. I was proud to say I bought a car from Brown Daub Kia!
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By: Sarah S.
Living Stone Auto Sales
I was looking for a good truck that could tow and handle snow; since I am moving out west. I came upon a post from Living Stone on craigslist and checked it out. The owner, Robert, is very friendly and allowed us to take our time checking out the vehicle. We got it for a good price and the truck is fantastic! I thought it was an R title when I receieved it, but Robert assured me it was not and he truly does only sell clean title vehicles. It was a great experience, and Robert and his wife are really wonderful people. I would highly recommend checking them out if you're looking for a great used car at an affordable price!
By: dsmith14
Brown Daub Kia
Hats off to this dealership! EXCELLENT STAFF! The manager named EDDIE was wonderful, truthful and speedy fast on our car buying experience! We went there thinking this never going to happen with our credit score being average, but he made it work with a great interest rate!! Loved the way they sit you down and discuss your financial situation before making you fall in love with a car then breaking your heart by telling you that you’re not approved! I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS DEALERSHIP TO EVERYONE LOOKING TO PURCHASE A CAR!! Thank you so much for getting us into our new car!!!

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