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By: Michael L.
Young Forest Kung-Fu
I ve been a student at Young Forest for several years now, and I can say with confidence that you re not likely to find a more devoted martial arts instructor in New Jersey. Sifu Gary has been practicing and teaching the art of Sil Lum Kung Fu for ~35 years now and is interested solely in passing on the art as it was taught to him.Advancement in class is based on hard work and marked individual improvement, not on set testing schedules or belt farming . Classes focus heavily on developing flexibility, speed, muscle memory and endurance.Students practice a broad array of Kata, Chin Na (Seizing + Controlling Joints), and Shuai Jiao (Grappling + Throwing), as well as real world use of the techniques learned by way of regular sparring practices. Weapons kata are also taught to intermediate ranks and above.Classes are offered for both adults and children, and a wide range of experience is represented within each age group.

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