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By: John S.
Creekside Apartments
I would recommend not to live in this area. The worse management I ever encounter. The landlord is extremely deceitful. Will charge extra on fees the complex is responsible for. The carpet when I moved in was not clean or new. The windows were old with rusting on the screens. The electrical outlets were in need of repair. About 15 sockets only 6 worked. I assure you'll receive tono of headaches. It is not worth the time. Also when I had moved in the boiler system was extremely filthy. Mold everywhere. A nightmare. The rent as well extremely high for what you are getting. No electrical lights in rooms. You have to get lamps and energy sufficient bulbs. The electrical wiring for the complex itself once you notice your bill is ridiculous.
By: William W.
Creekside Apartments
I lived for 3 years there and am disabled and a Senior and I regret ever moving there. The Manager is Deceitful, Dishonest and is seriously lacking in People Skills. The first year I was there a lot of the Old and Disabled that live there were forced to move all their furniture into one bedroom in order for the Management to have someone come in to clean the carpets for Housing Inspections. The rent is way over priced for what you are getting and AGPM who claims to be a GREEN Co. rent out the least energy efficient and without many normal amenities that come in a apartment of their Price Range that have been removed. The kitchen has beat up appliances and that do not work properly. The cabinets and counters are cheap saw dust pressed material while all the tubs and sinks in the bathrooms are Plastic. I understand they don't have sprayers in most kitchen sinks to help with the garbage disposal or dishes. Lights and ceiling fans have been removed in the bed rooms and the Living Rooms because of water leaks so you get to pay for those and not receive use of them. The windows are suppose to be double pane but they are very cold and the door I had you could see daylight through the frame and air just flooded in or out. This was after they had fixed it. They are wood framed and are not insulated very well and above the ceiling and on the flooring above is very little insulation and Black Mold. Water came in under the walls when it rained hard. Everything is so cheap and is designed to fail when you move out so they can charge you enough Fees to Steal your Deposit. They will use a excuse as to not having a forwarding address when the Post Office is forwarding the mail. It took me 3 years to get to where I could get out. I had to plan and save for the past year to afford to move. You do not want the headaches that goes with living in this place.
By: Victoria L.
Country Place Apartments
DO NOT EVER MOVE IN HERE! The management staff are liars, two-faced, and make agreements and statements that they do not follow. They harass you, but never fix anything. They are quick to take your money, but to come up with excuses and "reasons" they can't do anything for you. Instead of talking to your face, they text you or put notes on your car or door!Problems in the apartments: THERE IS NO SWIMMING POOL, it's been broken and they are not fixing it EVER. THERE IS NO PRIVACY, she stalks around the parking lot at random times, threatening that she has a gun on her and that it's for safety of these apartments. Cops have come out here several times. If you have a problem with the neighbors, she agrees with you to your face, says all the bad things about them to the cops, but then later on tells you they weren't bad people, but honorable and great. The parking lot if FILLED WITH POT HOLES. One of the current people here had their brake line snap because of them, and they refuse to fix it or pay for repairs! The management is NEVER in office, but puts up these random times, but states "no one reads them" so she doesn't go into the office. She doesn't answer phone calls, or emergency messages. The apartments have leaks, back doors that are broken, cupboards that get leaks, plumbing system is always backed up. They also increased prices a lot because of "renovations" but really, they keep having plumbing breaks which FLOOD THE APARTMENTS!!!! The stoves barely work (the eyes only partially heat up), there is NO INSULATION in the apartments, so your bill goes skyhigh (I suggest living with no heat/air to even have the bare minimum price of $85. THEY HELP WITH NO CABLE, WATER, ELECTRIC, or any other bill! You pay everything! And they have a ridiculous pet fee, if you want pets, $500 (because they chew and pee and make thins smell). It should be $500 for dogs, but small cats and the like should have that price halved. And from what other neighbors have said, the price used to be $250 anyway, but she keeps doubling the prices every few months!!!! STAY AWAY FROM HERE!!!! THIS IS A VERY BAD PLACE!!!!
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By: Roz X.
Cedar Tree Apartments
I LOVE living at Cedar Tree. Area is very quiet and neighbors are really friendly. Management is nice and handles all matainence concerns promptly.
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By: Devin B.
Cedar Tree Apartments
I absolutely loved living there before. Neel is amazing. I desperately want to move back ASAP. I want the Easley area and I can't imagine living anywhere else.
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By: Brenda B.
Country Place Apartments
She stalkes no one she tries to make it a safe place for the good people that want a safe place to live!! If you don't kijw it and want to live in drug city then move! I'm sure she can find someone to take your place.. If been there for along time that lady cares about each person in there. If you don't lijr rules no don't move in there if you want to live like a wild animal this is not for you.Im glad she has a gun ifvshe does I feel more safe! If never had a problem with getting anything fixed not ever! I love living there.
By: puttingitbluntly
Park West Apartments
Best apartments I've rented ever :)I loved living here so much. The apartments are nice and clean, great paint work. The people all around you are friendly and as nice as can be. It's so perfectly priced for being in the best part of Easley it's almost too good to be true. I loved living on main street and everything from these apartments is just a short walk away. The train was a bit annoying but after living there for a bit it's so easily ignored. The apartments are an AMAZING size for how little you pay. I seriously recommend that if you're looking to rent in that area check that place first.
By: myopinionscount2
Auston Woods Apartments
It is a beautiful apartment complex. But it is not ran under the Fairness laws. They discriminate against people by their familial status,they don't allow pd. sec deposits to be picked up after 48 hrs and they give nothing for a reason why in writing to substantiate the reasoning for their actions. I can only imagine the other things they do that are not legal . I would tell my best friend look elsewhere, or make sure everything is in writing before you hand over any money,or information about yourself. They also close their office before closing hours multiple times, and do not leave notice of when they will return. Went there on more than one occasion to discover this.

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