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By: Allen D.
Expectations Paintless Dent Repair
Called several Paintless Dent Repair Services and Doug was the only one that even cared enough to call me back. Very Professional and really wants to fix my little problem. Thank You so much Doug I'am Impressed............and a very reasonable price too.......To add a couple things took my pride a joy to Doug and still He amazed me with paint and body work, He is unreal, and of course the other Gentlemen that works with Dous is as amazing also. Very Professional with their work and just down to earth Great People...I will always call Doug and Chris FIRST.....Thanks Guys,One Pleased Customer.
By: James a. S.
Expectations Paintless Dent Repair
If you are looking for a “Show Quality” paint job Doug is the man to see. His work is by far the best I have ever seen. Dealing with Doug was great; the price was very reasonable and his level of professional attitude of wanting everything perfect is beyond compare. You can rest assured he has a permanent customer when I need any work done to my vehicles in the future. (Perfection) does not even come close to Doug’s work. If you need any body work done; I Am Serious Your Search Is Over – go see Doug.
By: tkellogg
Expectations Paintless Dent Repair
Doug is extremely professional. You can tell from the moment you speak to him that he values your time and wants your business. He met me at my gym in Boiling Springs, SC (a 45 min drive for him) and fixed 5 dents in roughly an hour for a very reasonable price. I could not ask for better service, especially from the owner of a paint and body shop.
By: mrhinestone
Expectations Paintless Dent Repair
Very impressed. Doug was very nice and professional. OUTSTANDING paint and body work. Very reasonable pricing. I highly recommend Expectations.
By: kenny.tierno
Expectations Paintless Dent Repair
Doug is great to work with and has an excellent eye for paint and body work. I definitley recommend this business for paintless dent removal.
Tips & Advices
Paintless dent repair (PDR) can result in complete removal of dents, but generally only in minor/shallow dents. Larger dents may not be removed completely through PDR, which has limited capabilities. These dents might require a more traditional and labor intensive (costly) repair to full remove it. Every dent must be addressed individually to know if PDR is the best option for complete removal.
The primary drawback of paintless dent repair is small, yet detectable imperfections in the panel and the paint may still be present after the repair. The only way to return the panel to original factory condition may be through more intensive processes that include sanding, body filling, and paint. Some damages may prevent the panel from returning to the integrity of the original condition.
Hail damage is the ideal situation to use paintless dent removal. In fact, it is one of the most common uses for the technique.  Be aware that every situation is unique and certain processes may not always work, particularly in cases of severe or unusual damage.
Old dents can absolutely be repaired with PDR or other standard methods. This is dependent, of course, on the severity of the damage. Time can also be a factor. If rust and/or oxidation have caused additional damage, they can compromise the integrity of the dent, and the entire panel, which may need to be replaced to be cost-effective.
The types of dents that can be repaired without using paint are generally smaller, straight-impact dents that leave a clean dent with no surface damage. Hail is a perfect example of a dent that can be repaired without using PDR as it generally leaves a small dent, or dents, that can be pushed out from the backside of the surface with ease.

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