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By: dedab1
Amaka's International Hair & Body Spa
This Salon is very innovative! They have a very relaxing motif. The staff is very friendly and efficient. In dealing with natural hair, it takes time and patience to give us clients the ultimate experience and outcome. I've been coming to this salon for years and the owner is very knowledgeable of natural and healthy hair. She makes sure her staff is very knowledgeable as well. Not all clients will be please as at times I've witnessed some who come in already having a bad day and would take their frustrations out on everyone, i've also witnessed clients who choose styles that aren't realistic for their length or hair type. Amaka's Stylist and staff work hard to please everyone who walks in the door. A year ago the owner had a vision of making the salon name a reality "international "...she wanted to be able to service all clients no matter the ethnicity. Companies such as GROUPON and Living Social have helped her to do so. Those were some of her toughest clients, some loved their experience and others complained about small things. The one thing I love about the owner is that she reads reviews and listens to client complaints and tries her best to fix it. I always have to remember myself that not all experiences from one time clients speak for the entire salon and it's mission. The owner, being a minority, a woman, and a small business owner and managing over 6 employees is doing awesome for someone who is also a wife and mother of two little ones.;) This Salon has been striving for over 6years and will continue to be there to service their clients and myself. Experience them for yourself;) I did! I will make sure I post this everywhere! I love this salon and spa!
By: csbk72
Cyndi's Hair Studio
I have been going to Cyndi's for about 4 years now. I am actually a client of another young lady who works in her salon. I don't usually leave reviews for business on social sites or otherwise but after pulling up the page to get some information for a friend I was compelled to do so because of the review left by CPETET. I was actually in the salon on the date in question. If anyone was unprofessional or lacked any type of conduct, it was the client. And how can I be so sure this was the same person on the same day? I would never forget a woman walking out of a salon full of clients including my seven year old daughter shouting "F!@% YOU Cyndi!" as she left the salon. There very well may have been a miscommunication. But that was very inappropriate, very tacky, and pretty sad. The staff is friendly and professional and I highly recommend you visit the salon and see for yourself. You wouldn't be disappointed.
By: lorajd
Cyndi's Hair Studio
I first have to say that Cyndi has been my hairdresser for almost 10 years now! I can't tell you how picky I can be sometimes... (not her easiest customer for sure). However, I know a talented, kind, friendly person when I meet him/her. I am also a small business owner. Cyndi is all that and extremely professional. In the ten years that I have known her, I could never imagine that she would ever insult a client or through them out of her salon. In my opinion, only because I know her character well, I would bet a $1,000 that the reviewer in 2010 was being a drama queen. Sorry, but Cyndi is all that you can ask for in a hairdresser and more. 10 stars go out to her, if I could!
By: jackheape
Hair Studio 168
I have had a problem with thinning hair for years. No matter what salon I went to it seemed like they could not get it right and I only ended up looking worse. Then I found Studio 168. They had a coupon so I decided to try them out. When I arrived the staff was very pleasant and I did not have to wait at all for my appointment. They cut and styled my thinning hair and made it look like I have a lot more than I really do.
By: lovutoo10
Endivo Hair Gallery
I love the experience that the staff gives. The management Lisa and Mavis are great people, and they do excellent work. Everytime that I've have gone the quaility is great.
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By: Aj J.
Endivo Hair Gallery
First time at Endivo and it was a great experience. Mavis and Nichole are great and very welcoming. I am looking forward to my next Endivo experience. ...Sheila P.
By: jennifer.meadows
Studio K Salon
The staff is extremely friendly and informative!! I would not trust my hair to anyone else!
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By: Neshon P.
Endivo Hair Gallery
Excellent staff and services. You will walk out satisfied and feeling better than ever!
By: Arturo C.
Salon De Belleza Alexa
Good place I Dj there before call for a dj I dj latino musica y mas 9198202043
By: savesalons
Sorry for the inconvence but the Raleigh location has closed.

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