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By: V A.
Gorilla Ink
I usually neverrrr go out of my way to write a review for anyone, but man, everyone needs to learn how to do business like Thunda. He's literally one of the friendliest, most considerate men I've ever dealt with as a customer. I got my cartilage pierced and didn't like where it was done. I went back later the same day to get it repierced, and Thunda was extremely patient with me and made 100% sure I was satisfied with everything. I was willing to repay for it all (it was so cheap anyway), but he did everything free of charge.There are so many other good things about this place that I was pleased with, but I feel like every other review mentions those aspects, so I won't be redundant. The only thing that I didn't quite like was the vaseline that was used when I was pierced the first time. I later read online that vaseline and other petroleum-based products can trap bacteria and cause suffocation of the tissue, which hinders the healing process (not sure how credible that source was, though). But when I got my piercing done the second time and asked if Thunda could do it without the vaseline, he was more than happy to oblige. (He says it's just used for the added comfort of the person getting pierced. It did, in fact, hurt more the second time. idk if it was because vaseline wasn't used or if it was because it was my second piercing...) All in all, this place is pretty cool and the people there are pretty freakin awesome. I would definitely recommend that everyone come here.
By: firsttimepiercer
Gorilla Ink
Gorilla Ink is great! From the outside, my friends were a little unsure. But on the inside the shop was not at all intimidating, Spade was very cool and an excellent host, and I felt super comfortable that the instruments were clean and safe. This was my first piercing, and if I wanted another I'd definitely go back there. The only reason I didn't give them five stars in this review was because I think they should offer written instructions on after-care for my piercing. I thought I was listening as Spade was telling me what to do, how long to let it be before I change the jewelery, etc, but I wasn't paying close enough attention. So, I had turned to Google/YouTube for info. Other than that, awesome all around!
By: fashionjaja
Gorilla Ink
I went down to NC to visit my family and i got my first Tattoo at Gorilla Ink. First and foremost let me just say my tattoo is amazing thanks to THUNDA. I was half asleep when he did it because thats how gentle he was. My tattoo experience couldn't have been any better. The atmosphere of the shop is astouding; comfortable couches, good music and good vibes. I forgot that I was walking into a tattoo shop because it felt so homey. I honestly loved it.The staff was attentive and I fell in love with most of them, they make you feel welcomed and comfortable. So point is GORILLA INK is top notch and hands down a great place to feed your tattoo and peircing needs. -Alexandria Taylor satisfied customer
By: imparis
Gorilla Ink
I absolutely love this place ! First off it's black owned ! Woot Woot ! & the two guys working there are both fine. lol. Thunda sat down & patiently discussed everything I would need to know about my piercings. Literally everything. You can tell that he really cares about his business and his customers. The place was clean and well decorated. Look like a place you can just go to hang out. They give student discounts & also have a lot of specials. Can't remember the name of the guy who pierced me, but he was really sweet & patient. He really made me feel comfortable. If you need a piercing I STRONGLY suggest you go here. You won't regret it ;)
By: jaimiemojaves1984
Skin City Body Art
AWESOME. I love these guys. the staff is really helpful and it's probably the cleanest shop in Durham. I've been in a bunch of places first and this one by far made me feel the most comfortable. Everyone was really friendly and they're all licensed etc. Their work is gorgeous, you just have to look on the walls to see that. I was really happy with what I got done. All their work is custom so no one else will have your tattoo which I think makes it so much more special. I've never gotten a piercing but I would absolutely trust them to do it since they did such a great job on my tattoo.
By: myfeethavetoes
Gorilla Ink
I've gotten 2 piercings at Gorilla Ink - nose and upper ear - and both experiences were extremely positive. Everyone is extremely professional, friendly, and accommodating. The first time I went there was a miscommunication and the workers were on their lunch break, so they very graciously offered to do the piercing for free to make up for the trouble (and really, it wasn't any trouble at all. It was as much my fault as theirs). They also replaced one of the balls on my bar for free after I lost it. I've never had any problems with infection or holes closing up. Definitely recommend.
By: Astin B.
Gorilla Ink
I went a few days ago with some of my friends to get tragus piercings at Gorilla Ink! Thunder did our piercings and he was AWESOME! He showed us that all of the equipment was sterile, talked us through every step of the way, and made sure we enjoyed the experience and had fun in the process. Everyone at Gorilla Ink is so friendly and professional! I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an awesome place to go for their tattoos or body piercings!! Thank you Gorilla Ink!
By: mhmcd62
Skin City Body Art
Skin City Body Art does Excellent work! It is very clean with a relaxed atmosphere. The waiting area is comfortable and has a large TV. My artist, Debi, was very friendly and professional. She loves what she does, and it shows. She did my Irish family crest which was quite intricate and ornate, and it surpassed my expectations. I plan to go back again soon. I would highly recommend Skin City Body Art to anyone, from the tattoo virgin, to the Ink Monster, you won't be disappointed!
By: trillakillla
Gorilla Ink
Gorilla ink is awesome! DO NOT under estimate the outside of the shop. go in side and you will totally get why Gorilla Ink got 5 stars! I went in to get my second belly piercing, and they did AWESOME. He showed me all the packages to the equipment that was sterilized and also dated with expiration, and carefully told me and patiently went over everything i needed to know. By far this has been my favorite place to get any body mods done. I will defiantly be returning! THANK YOU!
By: takki29
Gorilla Ink
I had been looking for a good parlor for months and a place that wasn't over priced but clean. One of my friends referred me to Gorilla Ink, and they had a discounted night last week. I went and got a couple of piercings and for the most part they weren't really painful. I got pierced by Thunder and I loved him. He is great with making you comfortable and does his job right. I definitely will be letting others know about this place.

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