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By: cvcowner
Cvc Auto Sales
Dear customer thanks for your recent visit to our dealership we are sorry that this vehicle didn't work out for you.I was told that you took the vehicle to a local garage for a pre sale inspection and based on your statement:"there was a 20000 gap between the carfax history and the current mileage"Ok this means that the last odometer report was 20, 000 miles ago."I test drove it to an inspection station and had them check it out. They told me that it needed a new tire rod ($250-$300 repair)"This has been repaired already" had an electric short that caused the driver's side window to not work"THIS IS A 2000 MODEL VEHICLE , THE WINDOW REGULATOR WAS BAD DUE TO AGE AND A BRAND NEW WAS ALREADY REPLACED AND THERE WAS NEVER SUCH OF SHORTAGE OTHERWISE THE OTHER WINDOWS WILL NOT OPERATE BECAUSE THEY ARE FEED BY THE SAME CIRCUIT AND FUSE." and that the computer codes had been recently reset"Anywhere in the world when you fix a vehicle you need to perform a OBD sistem chech to make sure that your previous codes had been fixed and that's what we did after a tune up. In fact if you read your vehicle manual, in some cases you have to disconect your battery to install new sensors or to make sure that the SISTEM recognize the new sensor you are replacing."I asked the sales girl back at the dealership if the car had been inspected or had any problems, and she said it had been and no problems, it was perfect. At that point I handed her the keys back, and I'll be reporting them to the NC DMV license and theft division tomorrow"AND I CERTIFIED THAT:Yes the car has been inspected and had no problems the engine and transmission are in great shape this 2000 vehicle has 140k miles it has been owned by 3 people it has a clean title and the carfax shows 0 axcidents and the only two new repairs has been fixed and the price of the car is $3200I personally would like to see this repairs statement from where you took the car because the vehicle was brought to a LOCAL KNOWN FIRESTONE place for a presale inspection and it came out fine and by the way I HAVE THE PAPERWORK AT THE OFFICE AND I CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH A COPY. We have been at this location for almost two years and we have NEVER BEEN VISITED BY THE DMV FOR ANY IRREGULAR BUSSINESS DOING.Besides that almost every car we sell comes with a 3 monts 6k miles warranty. We apologize for or any inconvenience and we are sorry you didnt like my vehicleSincerelyChris C. Proud inmigrant owner of CVC Auto Sales !
By: Stan S.
Moores Motors
PEOPLE NEED TO STOP CRYING...I think that any time you buy a used and when you test drive it you would take it to a shop to have it checked out if you dont that just means that you don't care about what you are buying. and anyone and everyone knows that a 3 mth warranty just covers engine and transmission everything else is basic ware and tear. and I think ppl that buy a car that it shouldn't have any problem . I have gotten new cars that have problems. and as far as paying to much for a car you need to do your own research like NADA or truecar.com. I don't believe that in this day and age ppl still cry over things that THEY OR YOU CAN DO OR FIND OUT YOURSELF. and again unless you have good credit you would go get your owe bank financing or go to a big dealership where they really make you over pay. sorry if the true hurts but ppl need to think.
By: Diane D.
Greg's Classic Auto
I am so thankful that we found Greg's! I lost my Volvo key and the dealership wanted to charge me an arm and a leg UGH! Greg was able to get the key fob for me at dealer cost plus a small handling fee, and all I had to pay the dealer was for programming the key to my car.From the time I went to Greg's for help, they made me feel well taken care of, stayed in communication with me, and were true to their word.The garage is also very comfortable, nice furniture for waiting, really cool classic cars in various stages of restoration, and a very friendly staff.My family and I have used them for all sorts of car repair and service, and we highly recommend.
By: Nicole J.
Moores Motors
WOW it looks like some people are mad because they didn't do there part because the people at the dealership got me a car. Anthony M the funny thing is that I have your car I remember seeing you at the dealership and you left some papers in the car with your name on it and the car runs great I love it. seems like you didn't do your part to keep the car. you shouldn't lie when people trying to help you you will not be blessed
By: Shawn T.
Moores Motors
I love there service I bought a 2007 Lexus GS from them that drives like a dream. They serviced the car in even put gas in it the customer service was great there in they had a large offices in a house. I would recommend buying a car from them I referred a coworker there.
By: Thomas B.
Cvc Auto Sales
Happy with the costumer service just buy a Ford Focus with then they told me everthing about my future car I really recommend this place this place have the lowest car around Durham area looking to come back again to purchase another vehicle for my son
By: Andrew G.
Reliable Motors
Extremely easy on the lot financing. Help credit get better while having a car to drive. Heard some people complain about them but mainly due to repossession which is expected when they finance everyone.
By: Chanae B.
JD Byrider
Jen Bruno is a beast! She helped me and my fiancé get a car within hours. Their finance program helps almost everyone. Come in and see Jen! You won't be disappointed. I promise :)
By: Julius P.
1st Stop Auto Sales
1st stop auto sales was a great experience for me and my family. Ray, Trey, and their team helped me out despite my credit not being perfect. Thanks everyone!
By: Lee W.
Cvc Auto Sales
Bought a Jeep Wrangler, very good price, high mileage but overall good shape. Runs very well. Service was fast. They did what they said they were going to do.

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