By: Shannon N.
Pizza Hut
We recently moved here and love Pizza Hut pizza. However, after reading the reviews on this place, we almost didn't try it. We just found the other pizza places weren't very good. So we decided to take a chance.Called in an order for pick up. Lady on the phone was curt, (very to the point), but didn't say anything rude or nasty. Order was ready on time and the order was correct.The lady at the front counter was rude. She did not acknowledge me when I came in, and I stood in front of her for awhile, and finally said I was there to pick up an order, as she never even looked up from the computer to let me know she saw me. Furthermore, she NEVER SPOKE a word to me the entire time I was there. No hi, hello, welcome, thank you, goodbye, anything. However, this could be because she, and the girl in the kitchen, were too busy gossiping and cursing, (as in using curse words), about another girl in Spanish. I speak several languages, and am fluent in Spanish. This made me uncomfortable, as I do not like to hear that kind of language, however, they were not talking about me, so I didn't say anything. When I asked for pepper, the gal at the front counter literally pointed, rather than speak, as she was too busy continuing her cursing rant about some girl. However, she did show me both pizzas, so I could verify they were correct.As we work in the customer service field, we really notice when someone treats their customers so poorly. Especially when someone assumes that no one can understand them, and uses a barrage of inappropriate language in front of a customer. However, with that said, the pizza's we ordered were the best Pizza Hut pizza's we have ever had. They had lots of ingredients, large chunky pieces, lots of cheese, and were extremely tasty. So I have given you three stars. Had their been any customer service at all, I would have given you five. And, after reading your reviews, you could really use five stars. I realize the public is not fun to work with at times, however, a little bit of customer service goes a long way. How many customers are you losing because of your poor behavior and attitude? With pizza like that, you could be the best pizza place in Durham, instead you get a poor rating because of lack of customer service, not because of your food. That is sad.
By: Cheryl H.
Bob Evans
We like to get takeouts from here and go eat at Duke Gardens. It's been at least 6 months and they still don't have their buttered sweet corn. It's still on their online menu but when you go there to place your order you are told they don't have it. We just walk out and go someplace else to get a takeout. They need to either remove it from your online menu or bring it back (or maybe we should call first). Who doesn't offer corn as a side????
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By: Melissa P.
Papa John's Pizza
The gentlemen that were working this evening were so polite. We usually go to dominos in creedmoor and wow what a difference in service. The young men working answered the phones very professionally as well as when we picked up our food. Addressing us as ma'am and sir and telling us to enjoy and,drive safe on the icy roads! Thanks for having such respectful employees!
By: luke.m.hartman
Ricky's NY Pizza
The best pizza in durham, the owner is friendly to everyone who walks into the door. Definetly feel at hone whenever i go there, its my preferred pizza resturant now!
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By: Diane B.
Sal's Pizza
Love the food, especially the salad but the business is now closed. Bummer!! They retired after 30 years in business. Last day was 9/11/2015.
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By: Adriano D.
Italian Pizzeria Durham
If you're looking for a great italian restaurant in durham nc then check this pizza place out. A real italian pizzeria in durham nc.
By: Linda J.
Pelican's Snowballs
Customer service always friendly and if you are undecided about your order THEY will recommend something to your taste. Awesome
By: egallivan
Laurece West Studios
I've been taking singing lessons from Laurece for more than a year now. She is a very good voice instructor.
By: Kevin M.
La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant
Best service perfect good great prices totally worth it
By: Trey E.
Serafina's Pizza
some of the best pizza I've ever had

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