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By: Donna S.
Roll Offs Trucking
To whom it may concern : Your fellow employee Mark Spooner has a very bad app. with your Company he has lied to you on it . If you check it he will tell you he has been in the Navy and he does have a dishonorable from the Marines Corps. while in there he was busted for drugs and jumped off a roof in 29 palms california, and then asked his wife to run over his foot with their vehicle, and when she refused, he beat her, and her mother had to go and move her to oklahoma. then he followed two weeks later after getting his discharge papers from the Marine Corps. He has a serious Anger and drinking problem that continues to this day. He has kicked his children out of his home multiple times. He ruins their education amd does not let them have anything other than what they have on once he has kicked his kids out. i am calling the Police DP on him on Monday, and will be calling your facility, as well as his cerrent 16 year old childs school, because he has kcikced him out to the streets. this can be checked on through the 29 palms marine Corps base located in 29 palms California. The reason for letting you know this is because e is a danger to your enviroment and has sued many companys for injuries that is caused by himself and blamed on the company. here are some companys, Media Stream cable Co. , Lowes, both located in Durant Oklahoma. He has been fired from many jobs, if you shall look at his resume, you can find how succesafull he says he is. but then you can find out the whole truth. Also he has threatened many family members, has never payed child support, but will try his hardest to recieve it. he has had 5 wifes. and looking for another. he abuses women, children, and most of all he abuses alcohol. both mentally and physacally. at 1 p.m. on the the 29th of 2015 he threatened a family member that in in the age of his 60s. and also a female meber that is the age of 66. if you want this kind of employee working for your company then so be it. but he will sooner or later try to sue you like everyone else. he will get hurt someway or another. thankyou so much for taking your time to read over this because this is very imortant for our soceity. if any more questions please contact either Donna Sanchez at 5/80-653-2478

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