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By: Mad K.
Wal-Mart SuperCenter
The cashiers have always been friendly to me at this location, but there is a man who works in one particular section of the store who can be a little snappy with me just for looking for what I need and when I say no thank you he gives me a dirty look and will turn around and he will politely address a male customer by 'Sir'. I'm a nervous wreck going into Walmart as it is, have had so many hateful things yelled out at me over the decades and I'm just walking in not bothering anybody minding my own business, tend to give Walmart on average $200-300 a business a month at minimum, so you know, do you mind, fellas, if I go into YOUR store? I've gotten to where I just go into Walmart once a month in the morning and stock up on grocery items, and any non-food item I just order online - that way I don't have to wander over to that section of the store. Cokes and perishables are about the only things I don't order online anymore. Even stocking up seems to be a problem - the 1st time I went in here the stocker had something to say about me grabbing too many packs of cokes.

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