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By: jeffreysimmons
Albert Eye Care
I'm sorry that "FredoniaMom" had an unpleasant experience but I have to think that was an isolated incident. I recently visited Albert Eye Care to get my first set of glasses and I thought they were nothing but helpful.The doctor was kind and enjoyable to talk to. I went by myself, so picking out a frame was obviously a daunting task. One of the employees was kind enough to help me pick out a nice pair. This may be common practice for an optometrist but it was no less appreciated. The only complaint I have is that evidently they send the lenses off to be made, while I know a place like lenscrafters can get you them the same day. I don't really hold it against them however, and the doctor even offered to try and get them rushed for me which I appreciated. I have to get my eyes checked every year due to an injury, and they will be getting my business from now on.
By: Bridget M.
Albert Eye Care
I love this office as well as the staff. I've been going here for a few years now and have never had a negative experience.
Tips & Advices
A regular eye exam focuses on the general health of your eyes, while a contact lens exam is focused specifically on how your eyes react to contact lenses. A contact lens exam tests how well you see while wearing contacts. Your eyes are also evaluated to make sure your tear ducts produce enough tears to allow you to comfortably wear contact lenses.
The cost of contact lenses depends on the type of lens being purchased and the vision problem that is being corrected. For nearsightedness, you'll be able to purchase a box of six lenses for roughly $25. Each lens needs to be replaced after a couple of weeks, which will require you to purchase 10 boxes of lenses each year, for a total of $250 per year. Contact lenses that treat other conditions like astigmatism and presbyopia are more expensive, and can cost $500-$700 a year.
Some people may experience certain side effects when wearing contact lenses. Dry eyes may result, and some people may experience eye or eyelid inflammation. Some contact lens wearers may also develop allergic reactions to the liquid contact lens solution that is used to clean and disinfect the lens.
The cost of an eye exam can range $50-$250 or more. The cost will depend on the tests that are included, and whether the exam involves a contact lens fitting. The cost of the test will also hinge on whether the exam is performed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist.
An eye exam typically takes 20-30 minutes. If additional tests are required, the process could take longer. Eye exams test your sight, but they are also used to make sure your eyes are in good health. During the test, your eye care professional will ask if you've been experiencing any problems with your vision. Your eyes will be examined using a device known as an ophthalmoscope, and the movement of coordination of your eyes will be checked.

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