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By: Sandra A.
The Grand Motel
Well my son and family had been staying for several nights and whoever it was that had been checking him in allowed them to pay late I called asked if I can pay for room with my card over phone she said no I had to come in so I said I would be over when I got there she must have changed her mind because a friend needed a place so she packed up my son and grandsons belongings not vey nice and placed them in clear garbage bags and put everything out side by garbage telling me to get a hold of my son to come get his belongings so I turned around and walked away only to have the drunks she had helping pack my sons belongings taking pictures of me and making gestures about money I had left as I needed to get to work when my fiancée arrived to help my son the lady from motel was asking him to come back does she do this to all her customers pretty sad and not very good work ethic unless she is running a wh___house needless to sayt zûyur ycompany that was going to check in at the motel and stay for three weeks will no longer be choosing this motel and neither will anyone else's know !! What a shame to have missed out on business of frequent travelers get rid of that trailer trash and you could have a great motel instead of the trash she is that's the kind coming to stay
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By: Jaime H.
Motel 6 Duluth Mn
My son and I were up in Duluth for a fun trip for a few days our stay here was on June 5, 2015. When we do this I do not reserve rooms ahead of time. I called and made the reservation easy enough. I was not asked if I wanted a smoking or non-smoking room. When I checked in I was told it was a smoking room. Then when I mentioned I was not asked what type of room I prefer at reservation, she said hang on let me check we just renovated. Then she said it was a smoking room previously but was changed over to non smoking. I am a smoker so it really didn't matter that much to me but I would have preferred to be asked at time of reservation if that was the case. I assume all hotels are smoke free which is fine with me. We checked in went to our room, only to find that it was previously a smoking room that smelled like it. There were burn marks on the tub, sink and in the blankets. We turned on the air thankfully it worked. But it did nothing but blow air around that smelled like someone had just dumped a full ashtray in it. The whole room smelled like cigarettes. When we sat on the beds they were hard and made a ton of noise. There was no clock in the room to set an alarm if needed. They also charge for Wifi I have not stayed anywhere lately that charges for wifi it is ridiculous anymore to charge for it. I will not stay here gain I would prefer if I can find anywhere else to sleep that I sleep in my car before laying my head down on one of these beds again.
By: spamproverbs
Sheraton Duluth Hotel
It's a very nice hotel to stay at and worth staying at if you're in town. Rooms here were overall clean and well kept. In regards to the pricing, I thought the rate was very reasonable. This hotel is in a great area.
By: Catherine H.
Hampton Inn
staff was very helpful. very clean rooms and a great breakfast.
By: liz.copeland.39
Cape Superior Inn
room filthy, needed total updating, smelly not as pictured, no 24 hour help. no phones in room, took credit card up front. charged for 3 nights only made it two and clerk refused to refund money saying she had to talk to the owner and offering bottle of wine. My charge is being disputed for the night I did not stay and was charged. Avoid. I I could not even give a star, that would be my rating.
By: johnheimkes
Dodges Log Lodges
My wife and I went up here for our honeymoon. Couldn't ask for a more peaceful, fun, romantic, and amazing stay. The manager was extremely resourceful and helpful if there was any issue we had, which the only issue we did have was that our propane tank ran out on the grill. Dodge's is close to Two Harbors and Duluth, so we took little day trips up to both regions. There are paths to get down to the rocks and you have have a bonfire or just relax for a while.
By: jbnaykki
Edgewater Hotel & Waterpark
Wow! What an awesome, fun place for the whole family, with some low points, but, overall, it was great. For handicapped accessibility, it was really bad for me. First, going in the entrance, they directed us to the elevator to go to the room we needed. The wheelchair would not fit, not even a standard wheelchair would fit. We asked the front desk where another entrance with a bigger elevator would be, and they said to go outside and around the building where there is another entrance with a bigger elevator. We head outside down the sidewalk, down a hill, and there is no more sidewalk. There were big rocks and no sidewalk ramp to go down, so KayMarie and I go up the hill and back to where we started to go down the only sidewalk ramp. To get to this entrance with a bigger elevator, we had to go in the parking lot back down the hill. It was dangerous. A car could have backed up or been driving fast around corners. Then, we get to the entrance, but the main doors were too small, so I had to stand up, have the wheelchair brought in around me, (people are standing there waiting, so it was embarrassing), and, then, I swing into the chair. Luckily, I can stand and swivel around, but another person may not have that option. The elevator was bigger, thank god, so now up to the room...The room door was too small, so I had to do my transfer thing. I got in the room, but not enough to turn around to go into the room. And, there was furniture and beds that only left narrow walkways around the room. So, what I had to do was...sit in the hallway, while everyone else was in the nice, cool room. Now, we are going to the waterpark. All doors on the way are still too small for the wheelchair, so have to do my transfer thing. Not knowing that there is anything for the handicapped to do, I didn't bring extra clothes to get wet in. There was nothing on their website indicating wheelchair accessible activities, and no maps or signs showing wheelchair accessibility, so I just sat there and took pictures. I had to go to the bathroom, and, once again, the door into and all other parts of the handicapped restroom were too small. So, I did my transfer thing again, but it was very dangerous. The floor was so wet and slippery, that I could have easily fallen. Jodi and KayMarie had to help me. Jodi slipped in the bathroom. And, I had to stand up to use the bathroom. It was very dangerous. I'm not sure what they were thinking when they put a wheelchair sign on the door with flooring like that. My family and I had been in the waterpark all afternoon, 4-5 hours, and were ready to leave, and a nice lifeguard told us something shocking. The lifeguard tells us where wheelchairs can go in the water at. We had been there all day, no one had told us about that, and there were no signs. We told the lifeguard thank you and that no one had told us that, but we are leaving now. But, most important, the kids had fun, and that made it worthwhile. Jodi went down the waterslide and liked it. KayMarie enjoyed the lazy river, but was afraid to go down the waterslide.Christopher and Jonathan enjoyed everything. They had so much fun, and I'm glad I was able to get pictures and videos. We had lunch there at the waterpark, and the food was good. Pricing was ok. You get decent portions for the money. Jodi and I had cheeseburgers and fries that were good, but not like OMG. KayMarie had a garden salad that was really nice-sized and had a good vegetable assortment. Christopher and Jonathan shared chicken fingers and a cheeseburger. They both liked them a lot, but I think they were more excited to go back in the water.
By: christie.blanchet
Sheraton Duluth Hotel
doesnt have wifi for free... way too expensive for not much luxury and doesn't have a free breakfast bar.
By: woodduck
Cape Superior Inn
This is a "less is more" accommodation. If you just need a quiet place to think, walk the shore, read, get away, well, this will do nicely. If you are looking for a jacuzzi and a mini-bar and more, I'm sure you can find them elsewhere. When I arrived, I saw another woman who had a reservation and tried to chat her up, but she was not interested--she was on her annual vacation here and she was very interested in peace and quiet and that was great!Cape Superior isn't a fancy motel. It's an older motel that has been gussied up. Don't go here if you want all the fancy stuff. It's clean, affordable, and directly faces Lake Superior between Duluth and Two Harbors. My room had a double bed, a shower, a t.v. and a microwave. It's got internet--gotta go ask for the password. My room was cute--nautical navy blue and white theme in a few furnishings. No smoke smell. Bare minimum in soaps and such. Very clean. To talk to the management, you knock on a door, then wait. Very '50s. There's a restaurant with a liquor license next door if you want food. And the motel itself has an adjacent liquor store, if that's important to you.
By: nightjay82
Motel 6 Duluth Mn
Every summer my friends and I go to Duluth and most of the times we go there we stay at Motel 6. It's decent for the area and even though you have to drive a few miles to get to canal park from the highway it's worth it. The price is usually about $80+/night. But if you're willing to spend that much it's good. If not motel 6 we stay at Duluth Inn on Canal Park.

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