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By: Armani A.
Golden Corral Restaurants
I must take a few moments to express how much the folks at the Golden Corral restaurant located on Satellite Blvd. in Duluth, Georgia mean to me. I am a regular customer who absolutely LOVES the Chicken & Gravy entrée. Because the food is SO GOOD at this location, it's very seldom they have any leftover items. The chicken and gravy dish is made using remaining chicken mixed with the wonderful gravy. I have been calling EVERY DAY for two weeks -- along with visiting this location -- hoping that it's in stock. Let me tell you what happened. The staff at this location are exceptional people. The managers and the entire staff are incredible people. The managers -- "Francisco" in particular, along with "Cash" (that's the manager's name), listened "Allyssa" (one of the cashiers) and "Tasha" (another cashier). The girls reminded them how often I have been calling trying to get my favorite dish. Guess what the management did. I called Tuesday afternoon (March 24) and Tasha told me that unfortunately, again, the chicken & gravy dish was NOT on the buffet. I asked to speak to the manager because I was promised by Allyssa (who spoke with Francisco the day before) that it would be there. I ended up speaking with Cash who told me they MADE MY FAVORITE DISH -- and HID IT -- just for ME. Yep. They put aside some chicken and made up the chicken and gravy -- and put it aside -- just for ME. I couldn't believe they went through that much trouble -- just for one customer. I got there and acquired my chicken and gravy. I went back later that evening and got some of that Teriyaki salmon (the special right now) and told Allyssa that I got my chicken & gravy earlier today (as it's usually served during lunch). Sure enough, as I was telling her how much I appreciated everything they all had done for me, I busted out crying. As a single mom on a very restricted budget, I don't get to feel "special" -ever. They took the time to make me feel important. God bless them all.

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