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By: upsetrenter2012
Landmark at Bella Vista Apartment Homes
This place is completely repulsive!I have lived here for 8 months and have had more issues than should be allowed. I found this place in a hurry since I had just moved here and needed somewhere to live. My rent is $560 for a 1 bedroom, which is a very great price and i love the location. The layout of my apt is gorgeous because I have a very updated kitchen, and large walk-in bathroom that has storage shelves. I love it!However, the customer service here is by far, the worst that I have EVER SEEN! I live on the backside, where there is a mini swamp in the back of my apartment. I also live on the bottom terrace and have had so many bug issues. There are spiders, water bugs, centipedes, gnats, mosquitos..the list never ends! The complex is physically appealing when you visit because the landscaping is pretty and all. However, these looks are extremely deceiving!- when I 1st moved in, there were spiders & webs PAINTED over inside the corners of the closets- yes! seriously??!- my peephole doesn't work, meaning i can't see for some reason when someone is at my door..-there are millions of spider webs, spiders and other insects on the stairs leading to my apt, on the walls outside of my apt, etc..since I have been here, maintenance has only hosed the place down with water ONE time to remove these bugs..its a mess!-i waited 6 months for maintenance to put screens into my windows because I couldn't open my window to let in any air without the screens due to all the bugs. Recently, they put in screens in my bedroom but I still can't open my living room windows.-The heat & AC wasn't going into my bedroom when I turned it on, maintenance came, put a hole in my ceiling with the attempt to fix it, 1 month later came and patched up the hole...and i STILL don't have any air or heat inside my bedroom!- one night the carbon monoxide alarm went off, my friends and I ran outside in a panic, called the fire dept who came out in minutes & told us that everything was ok but to have our maint change the batteries.. I called that night...they came to check it out THREE WEEKS LATER!! The friggin guy didn't even understand english or speak it! He was of no help to me!-the apt has a large amount of mildew on the window sills since we can't open to windows to get in any fresh air. Once again, we are right behind a swamp so it is constantly moist and damp within our home. We have to literally run inside the door of the apt each night to avoid allowing time for other bugs to also enter our apt because they are constantly flying around the door-there is constantly random people walking behind my apartment..not sure why but it doesn't seem to safe to me. I barely open my patio door even the blinds since I don't want ppl to be able to see inside my place.- There are way too many stray animals around here! They tend to sit right in our section for some reason and I am pretty sure they are bringing fleas and other horrible diseases into our homes :(The only positives is this place has a gym. Its pretty reasonable. Its not 24 hrs as mgmnt said it would be but it works for the most part. There are many broken pieces of equipment that take months to fix and sometimes its crowded because ppl bring their kids and allow them to play on the equipment. stupid!The pool always looks so filthy. I have never used it. I go somewhere else to swim. This is a highly hispanic population...hard to communicate if you don't speak Spanish...Overall, the rent is cheap. thats about it! I am definitely NOT renewing my lease and i wouldn't recommend this place to anyone! You can find someplace better where the office staff actually enforce the work orders, and pretend to care about their renters..
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By: Wes B.
Havenbrook Homes
I cannot praise the Havenbrook Homes staff enough for the service they have given us. Whenever I have had questions about my lease, leasing managers here in Florida such as Mr. Joe DeFini and Mr. Matt Leach have consistently responded in a quick, courteous, and very considerate manner, and they have always been informative and accommodating. In the same manner, whenever I have had a maintenance concern with our home, the Havenbrook Homes staff have consistently answered our concerns quickly, and repair personnel were friendly and skillful. (We had problems with the refrigerator, plumbing, and an exterior stockade fence -- all of which, by the way, were part of the property before Havenbrook acquired it.) Once repairs were made, I also received follow-up calls to make sure everything was working properly and to ask if I had any additional concerns that needed to be addressed. If you lease with Havenbrook, especially here in South Florida, you will not be disappointed with the service you receive, I assure you. And I'm editing this on 4/24/15, a week after my original post, to add some detail to what I'm talking about. We're renewing our lease, and I communicated to the property manager just a few aspects of routine maintenance around the property that is now needing to be done again, such as tree trimming, duct cleaning, and pressure cleaning. It's getting done -- tree trimmers just came out this morning, and pressure cleaners are scheduled to come later today -- so Havenbrook is really making us happy here.
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By: Tamara F.
Havenbrook Homes
After a recent divorce I was looking to rent a home in Hollywood. I have 2 kids and 2 dogs. I came across HavenBrook homes and found a home in Hollywood that met my requirements. The application process was easy and on-line and I was approved for a home in Hollywood , Florida quickly,. I got off to a very bump start with some maintenance issues in the home, and it was extremely frustrating . I was finally put in touch with Joe Defini - he is a gift from God . Immediately after speaking with him, I felt relieved and all my frustrations went away. It is clear after speaking with Joe that he cares and understands and works very quickly to resolve your issues. Joe is so attentive and his follow-up is excellent. He makes you feel like you are the only renter that HavenBrook homes has. It is inevitable that problems will arise with any home that you rent or own I will say it is very good feeling to know that Joe is around and I can pick up a phone and call him directly with any concerns. Thank you Joe for everything.
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By: Natasha and jennifer S.
Havenbrook Homes
VERY pleased and looking forward to this new chapter. I have to say it was a little difficult with all the documentation required to get approved but it was actually very smooth and rather quick to receive a response. I was dealing with Mrs. Meek first which was a complete pleasure to work with. She answered all my questions and responded promptly to each email with any concern or update that I needed. My realtor Mr. Troy Wilson is by far a wonderful human being that actually listens and caters to the client's needs, hopes, and requests. HavenBrook has a huge asset to the company and I say with my deepest gratitude Mr. Joseph DeFini. Mr. DeFini has exceeded my expectations on what management should be. We had a little bump in the road with the water company, but Mr. DeFini showed nothing but caring respect and problem solving qualities. I can honestly say that this experience so far has been great and we hope that the rest of the year is as wonderful if all of the employees are as wonderful as Mr. DeFini.
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By: Florida I.
Havenbrook Homes
We were being helped by Omar Cruz he helped us with the Miami Gardens area in Miami fl. The house we were interested was being occupied by some tenants unbeknownst to us which was very frustrating, so we decided to look for listing in Broward County so Omar, insist that we speak with Ashley Caridy, she is very vibrant talks with a smile, and is eager to help in every way possible, we did u Der writting and waited for a while , it was too long of a wait. So we went to the haven brook office in Hollywood fl we spoke with Joe Defini he was excellent, he made sure he found out what was going on he took our phone number we left the office he called us within the hour and he told us what we were approved for got our information on how many bedroom , the area, and made things happen, we can't wait to move in our place. Thanks haven brook homes...
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By: Dwayne W.
Havenbrook Homes
I need a home fast in south Florida started off very bad first the realtor stood me up. Then the other realtor Randy Gould did not follow through on anything I was told I wouldn't be working with him any longer he showed up to do the walk through I was a little shocked and when I told him I wasn't expecting him he said what you don't like him like working with me dude I asked him not to call me dude so he didn't call me dude two more times finally I got someone who could do something Joe Joe made things move quickly and smoothly also I can't say enough praise about Alice out of Atlanta and Millie my property manager they made everything right and wrote the last story I would recommend havenbrook homes to anyone just don't use the realtor Randy Gould
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By: Michael M.
Havenbrook Homes
I've been in real estate in south Florida for the past 14yrs... After a rocky road attempting to show a few properties that Havenbrook Homes manages with out success, I was put in touch with Joe DeFini the leasing manager who took time out of his busy day to personally grant access to me and my customers to show the property in located in Oakland Park. In speaking with Mr DeFini, he explained the history of Havenbrook Homes and their unique customer service philosophy and I certainly feel that he lived up to your company standards.In the end my customers decided to purchase a home however I very much look forward to working with Havenbrook Homes for other customers leasing needs
By: Harold S.
Havenbrook Homes
New to the South Florida area. I needed a home for my family, and turned to Havenbrook homes.the entire process was seamless and all the support cast walked us through the application process to the move in. Quality home and staff. We need to single out Joe and Matt in the Hollywood Office, our special thanks to them. They made sure we got what we needed, when we needed it.
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By: Edna V.
Havenbrook Homes
I work for weichert Realty and we are the exclusive rental agents that handle Havenbrook rentals in the state of Florida. I personally deal w Joe DeFini, he is head of Florida w rentals. He is awesome and has helped me and my customers immensely. All my issues have been w the application process and he gets it done asap. Thanks Joe w out you I would be lost!!
By: David W.
Berkeley Landing
First, I would like to say that The office is very comfort and staff is very helpful. I was very pleased with my apartment and the professional staff that helped me through the whole process..

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