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By: charleshackett836
Youth Care Of Utah
Just a quick note to let you know that Stephany is doing great....really great. She returned to school last week and had an easy transition back, likes all of her teachers and doesn't feel too far behind in any of her classes. Her friend, Jessica down the block has been supportive and they go to school together and eat lunch on occasion but Steph has met some new girls whom she likes very much and they have invited her to have lunch with them. We joined a yoga class together and now we have both become yoga junkies. She will meet her new mentor from the FIT program this week and we will see how this goes. She likes her new therapist. She is happy and CALM most of the time and as expected, we have had a few hiccups but she processes everything (and I do mean everything!) and regulates quickly. She is able to consistently connect emotionally with me on a very deep level and I am forever grateful. She is exploring boundaries and different levels of emotional connections with new friends. Simply amazing. I know the honeymoon will end soon and I am prepared for more hiccups but she has shifted into a much more confident, self aware and insightful kid and I believe that she likes who she has become.As you can imagine, it is always such a difficult decision to send your child away especially when you feel so powerless to help. Your patience and love and Youth Care's DBT program have a made a huge difference in both of our lives and it's important that you know that.Thank you again for all of your support.
By: moxley.diane
Youth Care Of Utah
We were very impressed with Youthcare. Our son was suffering from major depression with a history of suicide attempts.  He had already been hospitalized multiple times.  We were looking for a new approach. Youthcare provided a very comprehensive approach to treatment that was much more intensive and successful than anything we had tried before. The program stabilized his situation and then provided him with tools to help him cope with life going forward.  In particular, his self-awareness is much improved and he is able to identify and correct/avoid self-destructive behaviour. He didn't particularly enjoy residential treatment, but even he acknowledges it was the right thing to do and he is proud of what he accomplished. He still has a long ways to go, but Youthcare provided a solid foundation for the future.
By: mariaporter929
Youth Care Of Utah
 I have worked at Youthcare in varying capacities for over 20 years. It has been my privilege to work with some of the most passionate, caring and professional individuals that I have ever encountered.  I have also experienced Youthcare from the perspective of a family member when one of my siblings was in treatment here.  Many years have passed since he completed treatment and he is a successful, wonderful man who talks frequently about how Youthcare saved his life. His treatment was much focused on his specific needs, as well as healing the entire family.  I will be forever grateful to Youthcare, not only for the rewarding career I have been able to pursue, but also for saving my family.
By: compowillie
Youth Care Of Utah
I have worked in many different venues over my near 30 years in practice.  Youthcare is by far the finest organization that I have ever encountered.  The administration is consistently committed to truly therapeutic care and systematically supports employees in providing excellent treatment.  As a therapist, I have always wanted to work in an environment where the ideals of an organization are implemented at all levels of service provision.  Youthcare stands alone as such a place.  I am honored to work with great people, in a great setting, with great kids!  Youth "Care" genuinely "Cares".
By: cameroncalhoun341
Youth Care Of Utah
Youthcare for me is a temporary home. The students and staff are my family now. I’ve been in many other facilities for being an addict, self-mutilating, trying to commit suicide, trauma and an eating disorder. None of those facilities have positively impacted my life like Youthcare. This place has given me the tools to function again properly. I can honestly say I love myself now. My old habits aren’t coming back, Youthcare has given me the strength to say no. I’ve actually started living my life to the fullest and that started when I walked through the doors of Horizon.
By: johnhaines443
Youth Care Of Utah
I just wanted to start out by saying thank you! I and Dawn owe you and Youthcare staff more than I can express. Meagan is doing great! She is happy and sober and a changed person from last year! At this moment she is putting lights on our Christmas tree and laughing and having fun. Made me think of how grateful I am and had to come in my room and share with you Meagan's success. We continue to support and work with her. I again can't express my thanks enough for your teams support and work for saving my daughter... Thank you and Merry Christmas to all of you.
By: kelliferrell043
Youth Care Of Utah
YouthcareSo while being here in the beginning I struggled to accept my reality and move past the point of self. Pity, but over the course of time I’ve learned the ways of the program and really seen the good and change that many people leave here with. I’ve developed an understanding of what is really going on inside me. This discovery of self-understand has led to a change in my attitude and perspective which has made me open and willing. It’s a great program, when you really get down to it leads to a discovery you would have never imagined.
By: tommyhull508
Youth Care Of Utah
I can’t really describe the extent in which Youthcare has helped me. I’ve learned how to be the person I have only dreamed of becoming; self-respecting, assertive, sober, loved, loving and most importantly happy. I love myself today. Youthcare is a huge reason why I’m alive today.
By: randylowe595
Youth Care Of Utah
My stay at Youthcare truly has made a huge impact on my life. They taught me to not take advantage of all the little things in life. They taught me ways to cope with my depression and anxiety. I am so thankful for Youthcare and all they had done for me and my family! Thank you!
By: jamestregre
Youth Care Of Utah
When I came to Youthcare, I thought the world was against me. Pretty much, I had every issue in the book. Youthcare has given me the chance I needed to get back on my feet. I now love myself, love to clean and embrace my own values.

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