By: Kathleen C.
Paganini Ristorante
My husband and I had been here about 10 years ago and I can't remember why, but we decided never to go back. A friend recently gushed about the homemade pasta so we decided to give the restaurant another try last night. The service was terrible. Each individual staff person was pleasant but by the end of the night we had had 5 different people waiting on us. Except for the bread server, no one seemed to have a specific function. This model clearly doesn't work. We waited for long stretches for every element of the meal which means we sat without any food or drink sitting in front of us. As for the food, I ordered mussels as an appetizer and they were very sandy, almost inedible. There was very little broth, but even so, this is the first time I had mussels served without bread for sopping up the broth. And, of course, the bread server was nowhere to be found. The pasta was a bright spot in an otherwise bad experience. It is very good. But after waiting over 15 minutes to have our leftovers boxed, 15 minutes to get the bill and just as long to pay the bill, the pasta could not compensate for a very poor dining experience.

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