By: Joy G.
Downey Inn
For 1 bed its currently $320. Based on reviews from two different rating sites, I didn't expect too much. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! The rooms/bathrooms are clean. No foul odors. The fridge works good. The sheets & towels were white, and again...odor free. There were a few minor simple furniture repairs that needed to be done (cigarette burn on the chair, paint chips on nightstand, backing came off the entertainment center, etc) but nothing that affected the overall stay. The AC works great.There were three main reasons why I had to dock a star. One was that they had a kid in the room above me that liked to run around at all hours of the night. I feel like the kid & family should have maybe stayed on the bottom floor, so his/her running wouldn't affect anyone directly below. The second reason for scoring under perfect was the housekeeping. The timing was inconsistent, so for a couple of the days I told them to just forget about any services at all. The first day I woke up there, I left at 10am, only to come back at 9pm and see that my room had not been serviced. Ok, fine... I figured they'll only service on a weekly basis since I'm staying an entire week. The second day, I got caught up watching movies and chatting online. So when I fall asleep around 2am, I don't really expect someone to come knocking at 11am to clean my room. WTF? Where was this lady when I was gone the whole day before?So, next day, I plan on waking around 10 45 so I can leave in time for them to service the room. WRONG! They now start knocking around 10 am. Different housekeeper, but some consistency would be nice. Or how about you do like the other hotels and just track who's not in the room and clean it when they're gone? Lastly, my third reason for minus one star was cuz they advertise a microwave with their rooms. The microwave is actually a community one, downstairs in the lobby, for everyone to share. Its a bit misleading, but not too too big of a deal.There's usually ample parking here. I've seen it get crowded one night out of the 6, but probably just cuz it was the weekend. The staff is friendly and helpful. They do have an elevator (for 3 levels) that works just fineI had told the front office that I didn't expect much because of the previous reviews (on various sites). Chris (the front office mgr) told me that he and the owners did a lot of rennovating and updating because of the previous reviews. They do read what is on here, and because the reviews are so old, I do believe they are seriously outdated. I was very pleased with my stay here and would definitely be back if need be. I was just commenting that I'd actually live here if I could afford to. It really had that home-y feel for me.
By: vanessak
La Siesta Motel
The exterior of this place looks a little shabby. But the rooms are clean and comfy. The rates are cheap compared to the other motels nearby. This is a good place for a cheap price. In and out burger is next door and stonewood mall is close by.

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