By: frankmo1
United Waterproofing Inc
They solved the problem of water seeping through the basement block walls into the basement. This was a remodeling expansion that was added about 10 years ago with a French drain covered with gravel along the outside wall. The inside concrete floor was poured over PVC pipes, which lead to the sump pump, and were covered with gravel. Despite all the precautions, we still had some water seeping into the basement-not a lot but enough to not store valuable items in that area. The crew of 4-5 men moved things carefully out of their way, covered everything with plastic drop cloths, set up a negative air device to draw out the dust and proceeded to jackhammer a trench along the inner walls. They relocated the sump pump to a more central position eliminating the need for a second pump-for a savings of $500 from the original estimate. A plumbing inspector wasn't available that day to view the work so the crew finished as much as possible that day. The next day the inspector approved the open drain work so a crew of 3 men then concreted the floor and did an amazing and thorough clean up job. All the debris and concrete was transported in 5 gallon buckets through my Bilco door opening. The final cleanup was sponging the floors to remove as much dust as possible and they even washed the Bilco wooden steps from all the dirt/dust. It was truly more of a job than I would have imagined. I expected to spend a day or two cleaning up but after waiting 7 days for the concrete to harden, I began moving my workshop into the new area. I couldn't have been more pleased with the job and most enthusiastically endorse this company.
By: leslieperron
Scaldino Basement Solutions
I was thrilled that my basement could be fixed without messing up the outside landscaping. I'm completely satisfied with the repairs to our foundation. The crew were terrific. Their method to explain things was very thorough.
By: david10four
Scaldino Basement Solutions
They showed up when they said they would. My basement doesn't leak now & it's a great thing! Before, I had a rough time with a plumber but this company did great! The repairs were done in only two days!
By: christopherbracey
Scaldino Basement Solutions
Even the dampness has been eradicated! They truly wanted to ensure I was approving of their work. EXCELLENT sums the job up. I was astonished honestly… and very happy with the repair.
By: carlosascarrunz-gilm
Scaldino Basement Solutions
I used their services on a previous home we sold that had a leak. Thankfully, there's very little disruption in our house. We love their staff and have used them twice.
By: charlieaaron9
Scaldino Basement Solutions
I feel they could not have done anything more - completely satisfied. Everyone was fantastic in working with us until the work was completed.
By: hollymoan
Scaldino Basement Solutions
Cost was reasonable and the work was done efficiently. They worked real hard! They were efficient and did an expert job.

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