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By: Cassius 5.
Cabin Fever Roasters
One visit and you will feel how much the people at Cabin Fever love the coffee they make and the people they serve it to. This place a has made this vibe that is warm, welcoming, and cozy with coffee that I guarantee will impress any coffee lover. It's really one of Douglasville's hidden Gems.
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By: Leslie B.
Cabin Fever Roasters
I/we have visited this shop many many times before tonight. Dessert and coffee were acceptable, but Rick the owner went on an un-provoked political/constitution rant while at the same time insulting me and all other teachers/educators for our part in destroying the youth of America. He was not satisfied until he roped my husband and I into defending our own political/racial/education/religious beliefs. It was very uncomfortable and very rude and unprofessional of him as the business owner. We finally left and regretted spending any money on this visit and all our past visits. I believe in supporting local business but will not give another dime to this one. Next time talk up your coffee and miss me with your politics.
By: Cha L.
Arbor Terrace
When I first moved here over a year ago. It was a peaceful community to live in. The office staff was courteous and helpful. Now, since they change staff. The complex has turned into a ghetto! One of the office staff Deirdre Sexton has moved in under me in building six on the second floor has been harassing me with threatening letters to charge me a fine of noise violation cause I allowed my nine son to stay up on his birthday. She is so petty and hateful. She could have ended this whole situation by just coming to me or knocking on my door. No issues with he maintenance guys. They stay on top of there jobs. For the price I'm paying for rent I can own my on home! I would not recommend this place to anyone.
By: Melanie R.
Grace Assisted Living
I didn't like Grace five years ago, but Karen has really turned this place around. It's the ONLY place my mother lived that she liked. She thrived at Grace and they took very, very good care of her, and they were very loving even when she wasn't (my mother can be quite ornery and stubborn). Visit. Talk to the staff and residents. I think you'll be just as happy with Grace as I am.
By: Greg A.
Countryside Manor
Unbelievable! Along the side of the road they have signs like "Animal Friendly Zone" and "Plant yourself here" inviting people into their facility. On the side of their building is a garden hose. I was walking past and had been eating an orange so I had orange juice and peal on my hands. I stopped for a second, smiled into the window at the office manager and used the hose to wash my hands. When I turned around I was met with a very rude shock. The office manager came out abruptly and with a shrill in her voice "Can I help you!" I replied "I was just washing my hands." to which she shrilled again "This is NOT a public place!".I wouldn't rent from this overpriced facility even if I could afford it.It was less to do with the woman confronting me and had more to do with the way she went about it.When I contacted them about the situation they responded by threatening me call the police for trespassing.
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By: John A.
Cabin Fever Roasters
Best cup in W. ga. They roast all the coffee in the shop,the smell is heavenly!
By: Stephanie S.
Arbor Terrace
I do not recommend these apartments to anyone. The office staffs favorite line is "I am sorry for the inconvenience, but...". The website is poorly managed. The first time I tried to pay my rent online the website kept redirecting me to twitter and the office staff did not believe me until they tried to get on their own website and it did the same thing to them. Also, I tried to use their auto pay however the website auto-deleted my information and the way i found out was a notice on my door that if my rent was not paid in 3 days i would be evicted and then they wanted to charge me a late fee on top of the hassle of dealing with a computer glitch, that of course was not their fault. The parking is ridiculous, I always had to park at a different building because there was never any spots available in-front of mine. Oh and forget spending the time to clean your carpets once you move out because they are going to charge you a cleaning fee anyways. No matter how nice the apartments may look, they are not worth the amount of inconveniences you are asked to put up with.
By: Hs S.
Wesley Pond Apts
These apartments have mold and the management is in denial of the risk their units are imposing on the public.Stay away and find another complex. They do not do repairs in a timely manner.Mold in units located off Arbor Parkway is just spray painted over and they re-rent them out to another family.Danny at the management office is clueless to the mold issue. Black rings in your toliet he will state is hard water, that re appears and eventually small black mold spots take over the your faucets. Black mold was around both bathroom tubs. Management even when given notice of this ignored problem. Complex tends to overlook your maintenance request but will evict you if you challenge them fixing the problem. Complex is losing rent value. Quality is low. Trash pickup poor. STAY AWAY....
By: anneka.burns
God's Creation
This daycare facility, is not even an authentic daycare. The owner mia Newell is one of the most outwardly bipolar people I have ever met. She is a compulsive liar and she does not have adequate/properly trained staff watching the kids. She is messy and really could care less about the well being of your children so please don't send your child/children to gods creation douglasville location. The rate is low but so are here qualifications.
By: rpetry
Wesley Pond Apts
The only reason I give this place two stars is because they are decent apartments even if they are a little worn. That being said.... I was cosigned on a lease with my father-in-law because his credit wasn't good enough to secure a decent place on his own. I own a home of my own and was not living in this apartment in any fashion for any amount of time, yet when he passed away earlier this year Wesley Pond decided to charge me with an early termination fee since the lease had not yet run out. I contacted the Douglasville location rental office and told them of my concerns over this fee. I was told that they would check into it and would get in contact with me soon. A week goes by and I hear nothing, so I try to call. My message was politely taken and, I assume, ignored since I was never called back. I quickly discovered that if I wanted to speak to the manager I would have to take time out of my day and make a special trip to their office because every time I called he had "Just stepped out" and would call me back, which would never happen. After a few months of being told "we're looking into it" and "I haven't heard anything back from them yet" I received a call from a debt collection agency telling me that it had been turned over to them. After freaking out and being rude to the collections agent, I called back the next day and apologized and began the process of disputing the charge. After another few months of back and forth communications, I was told that their decision still stood and would be required to pay the fee or have it go on my credit report. While I understand that I’m cosigned on the lease, it is not as if my father-in-law just decided to leave and go somewhere else. He died. If he had decided to just walk away I would have paid the fines with no question but I hardly think it is fair or reasonable to charge me with an early termination fee considering the circumstances. I find it disgusting to think that this company finds it appropriate to take advantage of the death of a family member just so they can add a few more dollars to their pocket.

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