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By: Sandrick W.
Four Tip To Toe
Do not go to this place :/ They rush the process and don't even check them. Yesterday I went to get my nails done for my birthday and so while being there I saw the sign that said 17.99 for full set . He changed the price on me and I was pressured into getting a gel color . Don't get me wrong I love the color but but why should I have to pay $30 for gel polish. While getting them done I was starting to notice how he wasn't using all the tool that the place that I usually go to used but then I thought " There may be other ways to do it " when her place the nail on I told him that I did not want them to be Extra long but I didn't want them to be short. When he cut it in the back of my mind I was like he kinda cut it short but maybe he's knows what he is doing when he was finally done (which only took like 15 mins) I looked at them and I was pleased UNTIL I SAW MY LEFT PINKY AND MY THUMBS ! They we different lengths ! Not just different lengths but it was very noticeable. ( it kinda looks look if you search bubble nails on my pinky ) I was mad . It never accured to me that he didn't check the lengths like everyone else did . When I came back I told him and he said I can't do anything about it but file it down more . He also said " It will be longer when it's time for a fill in " Do you actually think that I will be coming back after something like this happened ? HECK NO ! I will never return !
By: mrs.travels
Nail Creations
I was looking of for a place that catered to kids also. Well, they had a kids menu so I decided to give it a try. My daughter, age 4, and I came in and I requested that we get done together. They said a 15 min wait so I said ok. 15 min turned into 30 min. I was fine b/c I had no other plans for that day. When they started on my feet, I requested that they do hers first instead. I asked 5 times and they kept telling me that someone would be right with her. I also got "reprimanded" for not making an appointment. I told them it was fine b/c I wouldn't be visiting their establishment again. On a positive note, the guy who did my nails did a fantastic job. He offered my daughter and I something to drink. She got a cola and I had a delicious mimosa. They do a good job on nails, but their customer service needs to drastically improve.
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By: Misha J.
Nail Creations
I went in and got a manicure with a gel overlay and a pedicure. Two designs on my big toes and two on my ring fingers and ended up paying $64! Now if thats not alot call me crazy. Most places charge 15 for a gel overlay and $3 for 2 designs. I thought my total since the pedicure was $22 would be the most $43....nope $64!! Im thinking $22 for my pedicure $6 for 4 designs and $15 for my manicure. They are good but they are high and that free drink they offer does not make me forget about the price! I think I was ripped off if not they need to lower their prices. Although they did fix 2 of my toes that were smudge the day after for free. I think they are nice overall. Good customer service.
By: sandrajannet
Four Tip To Toe
I am regular customer of this salon. Last time, I told them I spent too much money on the holiday lately so I only got the basic pedicure. They did not ask me anymore and we chatted about our daily lives. Overall, I received a good and friendly service so I would recommend this salon to all my friends.
By: Patty A.
Top Nail & Tan
This place is great! A very relaxing and calming nail salon. My fill in was done by Cindy and she did an excellent job. I enjoyed every minute of my service. I am so glad that we have a nail salon like this in Douglasville. I will be returning!--Patty Agan
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By: Voi V.
Four Tip To Toe
Not all nail techs here are pushy. I get my feet here done all the time because they do it really good. They like to joke and make you laugh also. If you tell the manager what service you want at the door,you wont be charged more than what you request.
By: Sydney W.
Perfect Nail
The shop is very clean, nice technician works there. I got 10% off, first thought the service would be OK, but at the end she does the perfect work. I love it and I definitely will come back
By: Charrell B.
Signature Nail Salon
I have been a client for 7 years and I absolutely love the this plc...they are like family. The fact they do amzaming work just makes it a plus!!!

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