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By: rpetry
Wesley Pond Apts
The only reason I give this place two stars is because they are decent apartments even if they are a little worn. That being said.... I was cosigned on a lease with my father-in-law because his credit wasn't good enough to secure a decent place on his own. I own a home of my own and was not living in this apartment in any fashion for any amount of time, yet when he passed away earlier this year Wesley Pond decided to charge me with an early termination fee since the lease had not yet run out. I contacted the Douglasville location rental office and told them of my concerns over this fee. I was told that they would check into it and would get in contact with me soon. A week goes by and I hear nothing, so I try to call. My message was politely taken and, I assume, ignored since I was never called back. I quickly discovered that if I wanted to speak to the manager I would have to take time out of my day and make a special trip to their office because every time I called he had "Just stepped out" and would call me back, which would never happen. After a few months of being told "we're looking into it" and "I haven't heard anything back from them yet" I received a call from a debt collection agency telling me that it had been turned over to them. After freaking out and being rude to the collections agent, I called back the next day and apologized and began the process of disputing the charge. After another few months of back and forth communications, I was told that their decision still stood and would be required to pay the fee or have it go on my credit report. While I understand that I’m cosigned on the lease, it is not as if my father-in-law just decided to leave and go somewhere else. He died. If he had decided to just walk away I would have paid the fines with no question but I hardly think it is fair or reasonable to charge me with an early termination fee considering the circumstances. I find it disgusting to think that this company finds it appropriate to take advantage of the death of a family member just so they can add a few more dollars to their pocket.
By: Stephanie S.
Arbor Terrace
I do not recommend these apartments to anyone. The office staffs favorite line is "I am sorry for the inconvenience, but...". The website is poorly managed. The first time I tried to pay my rent online the website kept redirecting me to twitter and the office staff did not believe me until they tried to get on their own website and it did the same thing to them. Also, I tried to use their auto pay however the website auto-deleted my information and the way i found out was a notice on my door that if my rent was not paid in 3 days i would be evicted and then they wanted to charge me a late fee on top of the hassle of dealing with a computer glitch, that of course was not their fault. The parking is ridiculous, I always had to park at a different building because there was never any spots available in-front of mine. Oh and forget spending the time to clean your carpets once you move out because they are going to charge you a cleaning fee anyways. No matter how nice the apartments may look, they are not worth the amount of inconveniences you are asked to put up with.

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