By: gregg.housh.7
Sofitel Trading Corp
Well i want to say another big thank you from England for a great session again. Learned alot, enjoyed my time here and thank you again! You must have a lot people because its a great room and VERY helpful for new traders
By: johnhank
Sofitel Trading Corp
Thanks once again for a brilliant session, much learning and great tuition! thanks again from a newbie. Most traders or sites i have seen always use a moving average, i understand your strategies as you've explained them
By: mikekatie
Sofitel Trading Corp
I’ve been day trading for a pretty long time. I have read many books and attended lots of workshops on Day Trading, but your guidance at rockwelltrading.com is the best of all.
By: marcel.mandel.16
Sofitel Trading Corp
I have been in so many trade rooms over the years my head still spins....You folks have a very nice, super professional, fairly priced, excellent trade room
By: jackson.normand
Sofitel Trading Corp
Thanks, you guys are great. I signed up for your offer earlier this morning.
By: maria.jenfer
Sofitel Trading Corp
Many thanks for a very informative session..Hope you have a great weekend.
By: ronald.makey
Sofitel Trading Corp
I like your scalping strategy

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