By: whaddaguy
Comanche Beverage Outlet
If you like expensive beers, then this is the only place in town to buy them. Commanche Beverage Outlet has the best selection of micro-brews in Dodge City, but that's not saying too much. Their prices are far higher than any other package liquor store in this small Kansas town. They do not like to do special orders, preferring to sell only high-volume products that they are able to buy at a wholesale discount. Sometimes, you get a great deal. Other times, it's take-it-or-leave-it.The staff is knowledgable about the products they sell, but it's clear that their job is to sell what the owner bought on sale this week. I don't like being pushed to buy one brand of beer over another, just like I don't like shopping for used cars. It's about the same, at Commanche Beverage Outlet.

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