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By: Zachary L.
East Forest Park Apartments
I have been living in this apartment for a year now and it is by far the best apartments around Dickson TN that i have seen. I am 21 years old and like to play my video games at a decent volume and the neighbors have never been able to hear me. As well as, my neighbor has a loud dog that barks all the time, and i can hear the dog bark outside but when i walk into my house i can not hear anything at all. The manager is awesome if there is anything that you need, just let him know and he will get it done as soon as he can. The only thing that does suck is that cell phone reception is very bad. With verizon you can make calls outside just fine but with at&t you can not get signal at all. But as long as you have wifi you can make your calls and texts though that. Also the pool and grass is very kept up with and the pool is cleaned multiple times each day! Would recommend!!!!!!!!!
By: Will M.
East Forest Park Apartments
Been here 3 yrs. Just signed another contract. Terrific place to live. Neighbors & kids (few) & dogs very friendly. Love the washer 'n dryer. Townhouse is great. Maintenance/repairs rare, but prompt. Manager has high quality of living values and is available. Picture perfect grounds. Disturbing incidents - NONE. No traffic. Private. A little pricey, worth every penny. (Don't raise my rent). Countryish atmosphere. Best complex I've lived in.
By: J P.
East Forest Park Apartments
I've lived in East Forest Park for about 3 years. Peggy no longer manages the apartments. The new manager, Jason, and his staff are very friendly and quickly respond to any maintenance needs. The facilities are in great shape, overall great place to live.

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