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By: Dantella P.
Wayne County Friend of The Court
They are set up to mess up these mens lives. My husband pays he CS faithful and i see his check stub n they want to keep telling me it has come really then what is this that took out his check i see it for real. They dont want you geyting along with your children father so they can keep stealing. Ladies please try to get along so u can always keep up with your payments. Also they keep giving me and him the run around talking about he has to call he did n yall told him the same bs yall telling me it didn't come yet.....shame on yall stealing from kids
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By: Nala J.
Wayne County Friend of The Court
Don't have any, cause I'm not stupid enough to have babies, by these so called no good men out here. (fact) But, reading the comments on here. I see why your not getting paid. Hell, half of you can't even spell simple a$$ words. So, they looking at it like this, can't spell, no money. Go back to school and learn simple basic writing skills, then just maybe you'll start receiving your cash flow. Sike, I'm lying...Their not giving your whining a$$ s**t..."carry on"
By: James F.
Wayne County Friend of The Court
They are suing me with a closed case that has never even been filed and 6 years after statue of limitations was up. The made a bogus court order because they didn't have one because the case was never filed. Lawyers have ripped me off for over 10,000 dollars. I filed a complaint with the Michigan Bar they told me if I don't want lawyers taking my money don't give it to them we cant help you.
By: ladyv774
Wayne County Friend of The Court
I honestly do not understand how that people get a paycheck. I call the number and all it does is ring and you can't soak to a live person for over an hour. My sons dad finally paid some child support (it's been 2 years and he is 35,000 in back child support) I left state with my son and could give a crap less what the order says! Make him PAY! I spend the money on my son so no problem there just the problem of them NOT enforcing orders! Why are these people receiving a paycheck when they do absolutely NOTHING!!! It's beyond aggravating!!!
By: trina.manning.9
Wayne County Friend of The Court
i guess the state feels that they are entitled to my entire support order and we are to recieve nothing, it took aprox 9 years to get attention to this issue, and now 11 years in its dtill not resolved
By: franad
Citizens to Elect Francine Adams District 3 City Council
Dorthea Thomas, Eugene Slappy, Wanda Redmond, Scott Benson, Myron Benford, Russell Bellant some better canidates running in district 3. DO NOT VOTE Francine
By: pinknblu
Wayne County Friend of The Court
Terrible...this place, they don't do anything. It's been over 4 months since I've received a payment. It takes over 20 mins to get a live person on the phone along with 4 calls to get to that point, by the way...only if you call very early in the morning. My experience, so far. Going there is even a bigger headache you have to pay for parking and go through a metal detector and a search to go to their offices. Crazy the whole process. Also, they charge a processing fee and service fees....really??? Who are you folks servicing and what are you processing??? Once again the child loses no matter what side of the fence your on. This place is a joke and only in place to fill their N GREEDY pockets.
By: msjones2012
Wayne County Friend of The Court
these people get paid for nothing I cant get in touch with them because their customer service line is busy? I went on the internet to get another number and the lady basically hung up on me because her line was private like don't they all do the same thing...?? I have been waiting three weeks for their system to be running again and now I cant get in touch with any one. I am a professional woman and get off the same time they do now I have to take off work to go to this building when I could have simply been helped over the phone and they are still getting paid
By: boosiesav1
Wayne County Friend of The Court
This is the worse agency ever. My ex used a third party to collect her child support when she left the state. They never reported to friend of court. So I went to court with all documents of payment I even took custody of my son son at this time. FOC not only didn't credit me with payment in full they didn't make her pay a dime or over 5 years then closed out the account when he turned 18yo. I am still waiting for my account to be audited from 2004. They suck hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: stanley.rivers
Credit Union Family Service Centers
Sometimes the service is slow, always someone asking for money at the entrance to the building.
Tips & Advices
  • Talk about specific consequences of their drinking.
  • Choose a time soon after the person experiences a drinking-related problem (missing a shift at work, for example).
  • Do not threaten, guilt, lecture, preach, or use negative labels.
  • Do not try to discuss alcoholism when the person is intoxicated.
Therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists who specialize in the condition can all diagnose and treat alcoholism. People with alcohol-related concerns can also consult their general practitioner, who will refer them to a specialist.
Detoxification is a medically supervised period of alcohol withdrawal to allow the body to purge itself. A doctor or treatment specialist closely monitors a patient to ensure the symptoms of withdrawal do not cause harm. Side effects of alcohol detoxification include:
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting
  • Elevated heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Tremors
  • Nausea
  • Sleep issues
  • Paranoia or anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
The cost of addiction treatment varies depending on the type of facility, amenities offered, treatment provided, and size and length of the program. Detoxification ranges from $1,000 to $15,000. Inpatient facilities cost anywhere from $6,000 to $30,000 for a 30-day program and include detoxing. Outpatient programs can cost $500 per session.
Outpatient alcoholism treatment is a part-time form of rehabilitation. Patients continue their normal lives during the day and return to the treatment facility several times per week. Outpatient treatment is generally cheaper than inpatient and can be helpful for people with less severe addictions. Inpatient treatment programs require patients to stay at the facility 24/7 until the completion of the program. They provide a highly controlled environment for patients to overcome their addictions without the distractions or temptations of everyday life. These clinics provide round-the-clock medical care and often include hours of group and personal therapy. Inpatient programs are beneficial for people with severe addictions or those who have overdosed.

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