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By: tokensandbagger
El Rancho Restaurant
I live in the north subs of Detroit and when it's time for me and my girls to decompress we head to El Rancho's. Authentic mexican food made by authentic mexican people! How can you not love that?? They don't blow you away with ambiance but when you're with great company who cares?? It is fun to notice that most, if not all the paintings on the wall are of the BACKS of people. We find that amusing. We make the 1/2 hour/45 minute drive to El Ranchos instead of Xochimilco's or any other of the beaten path places for many reasons: 1). The food is better 2). We never have to wait in line or wait to get good service...even on a weekend night! & 3). It's simple mexican and NOT overpriced!! Menu: If you have never had flour tacos (they are FRIED!) then it could be argued that you haven't lived. These things are the CRACK of mexican food. Don't bother with the chicken or the bean flour tacos, just go for the ground beef. El Ranchos also has the best darn refried beans I've ever tasted. Nice and sweet. I could do without the rice but my BFF Rose raves about it. Sadly, I've never made it there for breakfast but the breakfast menu looks YUMMY!! Also, I am sorry to hear about the 1 star review because of the price thing. A situation like that has to be frustrating, but I have frequented El Ranchos for at least the past 10 years and have never had a problem like this. Jen in Troy
By: Nathan T.
Armando's Mexican Cuisine
WHAT HAS HAPPEN??!!This has been my favorite Mexican eatery for 30 yrs when the plant was open!Sadly in the last 5 yrs or so it is Changing & the quality of the food is declining & Carry-Out management when it comes to errors & burned entrees has been terrible for a Long time! The Salsa has Changed & it was So Good & its Watery & bland! WHAT CHIMICHANGA? They are so small now! The Pork Sandwich had a Very subtle "ODD" taste when our party visited in May,we've ordered them many times but 2 of us couldn't eat ours!! The nachos changed last fall & they've skimped & the taste is no longer there! Our guest had Tacos & it was embarrassing after I saw what they gave her, you would have thought it could NEVER be AUTHENTIC, it was dry, very lil meat, no sauce, absolutely NO TASTE, not Warm, 3 lil diced tomatoes, the plate was bare & unAppetizing! Would have got better at Taco Bell. You expect more authenticity from this institution, Armando HAD such a Good reputation & food! We were frequent patrons, Mothers Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo & any time the urge hit "often"! Sorry No more. Every1 gave it thumbs-down.
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By: Shauntavia A.
The Bridge
this place wont make it the next couple of months, i ordered the salmon burger and it was falling completely apart, i had to eat it with a fork! it wasnt all that tasty either, and the manager didnt care what we going on he just kept watching whatever game was on, and the only upside to this experience was our server Daniel, my family could tell he was doing whatever he could to better our experience, including speaking with his manager on 2 seperate occasions, before he finally deciding to peel his eyes from whatever game, to come speak with us. all in all, Mr. Gooden isnt fit to manage McDonalds, and this place would be better if more people like Daniel were hired, also the busser checked on us more then the manager, meant to catch his name. 2-stars only because of my server and busser, everyone else should be fired
By: brian.scobie.3
Taqueria Mi Pueblo
Great food, not tex mex, authentic soups and dinners, no bar but great cocktails nun the less. Fajitas are real and tasty, shrimp squires are tasty and always cooked perfect. When we go there is about 80% locals that frequent the place so you know you are in the right place. I've been to all the mexican joints in the area and this is by far our favorite.Service can be iffy (we ask for the same waiter when we go) but the food makes up for it.
By: Lynn R.
The Bridge
My man and I had the pleasure of dining here on 10/31/2015 and it was great. Q was our server we ordered the Lamb as an appetizer and it was excellent. I ordered the grilled salmon and he had the seafood mac/cheese and we were both pleased with our meal. I pray for the success of this business as we need more like it in the city of Detroit. I will be taking it to the Bridge again soon. :>) L.R.  
By: Elton D.
Mexican Town Restaurant
The food is off the hook, been there many times with a friend, who turned my on to the place, I can't stop going there. The food is great and the service is to you will get adiccicted to the little mexican hole in the wall, once you go you will not stop, they will have to role you out lol lol I give it three thumbs up up up , roddydee, detriot Mich.......I'm goin now the prices are good too.
By: hal.lyons.9
Rio Grill
I tried their reuben yesterday, and made it a deluxe. That gave me a pretty large sandwich, one of the best I've had. Also had lots of french fries and a cup of their bean soup. Wow, what a great meal!! :)Then I went back today for a club sandwich. It's a monster!! :D Not to mention great tasting too. :)Give it a try, you won't be sorry.
By: tonyjaclive.com
Nicky D's
Don,t ever ask or let Amanda be your waitress if you have to. She is very slow and forgetfull.Always getting your order wrong. Always saying she is SORRY. She is not lying about being( sorry ). One sorry person. If you want good top notch service ask for one of the BLACK girls.You will be 100% satisfied. Amanda put on some make up.
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By: Lora S.
Crystal House Motel
Room is nice,it'd certain people here. I don't care for, watching me alk times,money wws being put on my room where is it,,I got mail not showing up,friday you adding that money to my account or in my hand,try force me leave.I call police on you.I gonna leave,police give be a lift to my desinatuon.I want this people stalking me
By: stacey.banks.737
The Sandwich Shop
I love this place once you try these bugers you won't want anything else because of the quality and freshness of their burgers. Oh my God my son's love this place as well. They are on VanDyke one block north of Seven mile rd. Don't forget to call your order in because everything is made fresh. 313 826 1347 These guys rock!

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