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By: Sheba J.
Joe Muer Seafood
First the service we recieved was terrific in every way. However, the food was good but wasn't great. For the prices they charge I expected better quality. The filet mignon my husband ordered as $33 for a 6oz and came ala carte so he spent another $9 just to have a side with his steak. I have never seen any restuarant serve steak without at least a vegetable included. Then we get the steak and it was comparable to any cheap steak house that's under half the price. This was the first time I have dined in a restaurant with these prices and I had to use a sharp steak knife to cut the filet instead of a butter knife at most. The only two good points of our experience is having a great waiter and their breadbasket was good. Unfortunately we won't be coming back unless the food quality goes up to match the service. When you spend over $200 on lunch for 3 people you shouldn't leave disappointed with quality.
By: dettruth
I love Sindbads I am always there with my sister and dad. I went yesterday and there was a waitress that works there named Jenni and she begs for tips she constantly talked about only making $2 hour and that she cant afford tampon (yes tampons). She gave bad service and the bread rolls were brought out after we ate dinner but we still left her a $13 dollar tip but she begged for more so then we took it back,she is a chubby girl with earrings piercings in her face. Low class and trash should not be visible while servicing customers at such a GREAT restaurant. She is SAD and should go get a sign that says (Work for tips and tampons)Beware because her thirst is real. Great tasty food but bad waitress :( ~Obamas Pennies~
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By: Pamela W.
New Harper Seafood
This place is the BOMB. I'm there every Saturday. The shrimp is excellent and cooked to perfection, not greasy or overly coated. The owner is a pleasant young man. You will often find his mother helping out with the bbq grill. They have added items to their menu. I'm sure that one day they will have an actual sit-down restaurant. Continued Blessings!!!!
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By: Leon M.
Crab House
I've had the food a few times and its always excellent. I decided to try the delivery that they recommend every time I come in to see how it goes. I ordered my food at 11:29 AM. As i type this, I still have not received my food and its 1:12 PM. Never again. I'll just walk in when I have time.
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By: Yani M.
Manhattan Fish & Chicken
I just ordered a 10 piece wing ding meal & ITS DELICIOUS! I hear people complain about over frying but I'm not having this issue at all. My wings are golden & perfectly seasoned, the fries are hot & crispy & my ranch sauce is cold �������� Koolaid is sweet & cold smh this food on point!
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By: Tima B.
New Harper Seafood
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! I had the grilled tilapia with shrimp and cole slaw. Simply the best flavor ever. I was visiting Detroit from Houston. I wish there was a New Harper Seafood in Houston. I will definitely return for another plate when I visit Detroit again.
By: Seera C.
Captain Jay's Fish & Chicken
Love the food ,This is one of my favorite restaurants to go to when I Dont feel like cooking,love the lemon pepper chicken, but could you guys put more lemon pepper seasoning on the chicken please?????
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By: A. J.
The Block
Just happened to stop in while walking near downtown. Really enjoyed the burger and fries. The salad and chicken were good but the strawberry vinaigrette salad dressing could have been better.
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By: Vera J.
New Harper Seafood
This restaurant is the best kept secret on the eastside of Detroit. Food is good , clean and great service. The phone number listed is wrong it should be 313-466-3088.
By: Lauren T.
Great Lakes Seafood & Chicken
I don't know they do it, but the fish comes out perfect every time! I will never go anywhere else!

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