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By: adamfitz
Prestige Auto Parts
Prestige CadillacI recommend you go to a better dealership find one thats understands how to deliver quality, and how to keep up with customer service.I purchased a certified pre owned Cadillac with just over 24,000 mile from Prestige. This vehicle was supposed to be a certified pre-owned vehicle, which ment that it is held to a much higher standard then the average used vehicle. But when you buy a  vehicle from prestige Cadillac this is not the case. My vehicle do not list any collision damage during the purchase and the CARFAX does not indicate the front end of the vehicle being repainted. As of right now all the paint is chipping away and I have grey and white specks all over the whole front of my vehicle which shows up very clear because it is a black car. I went back to the dealer and had Don in the  body shop  look at the vehicle and he told me that he could clearly tell that front end work or front end damage had occurred at some time because the body lines did not line up like you would see from the factory, so it was very clear that a keen eye or maybe just an experianced eye would have saw this immediately. Don told me that the prep for the repaint of the vehicle was done very poorly and as a result is why all the paint is chipping away. I had the service manager and the body shop manager look over the vehicle and all of us agreed that front end work had been done to the vehicle. With that being said I understand if the work was done prior to them receiving the vehicle and selling it to me it could be difficult to determine a bad paint job from a good paint job I personally do not know if the work was done by them or by somebody else but either way, I agreed to take on the burden of payment since they told me there's nothing they could do and they would not fix the vehicle. I asked them if they could at least work with me maybe meet me halfway and share some of the financial burden to have the front end repainted. They did agree to give me up to 10% discount on parts and a small discount in labor which truly doesn't mean much because the bill is over $1,300.00 so what this means is you buy your car from a Prestige Cadillac  who's supposed to have experience and health  good customer service  but in reality you get stuck with another $1,300 bill.Don't expect to get a quality from a place like this and I truly recommend you go to a better dealership I know I will.
By: Ray J.
Prestige Auto Parts
the lady at the counter is evil. this auto part system is junk. they tell you that you cant take it back or exchange because they know they sell junk parts the lady at the counter her boss will always be hiding. i will never do business with these people again with this junk.
By: tyrisflare
Global Auto Parts
I was looking for a set of driver's side doors for my vehicle. Their online inventory stated they had doors from two vehicles in stock. I called ahead to make sure because I would be driving out of my way over 40 miles one way. When I got there one of the employees took me and my dad out to the yard to look for the doors. What a mess! I don't know how they can find anything. The only doors we were able to find that were the proper color were marked as the driver side, but they were really for the passenger side. Employees searched for over an hour but never found the doors. Had I known they just kept the doors out in the open exposed to the elements I probably wouldn't have gone there in the first place. Some of those items must have been collecting mold for years. The employees were very nice, but this is a slipshod operation. As of writing this they still have the doors listed in their inventory.
By: coffeycake
Mitch's Auto Parts
Give these guys a chance! They are straight forward, no BS, I got great customer service, and a better price than their competitors. Their work was timely and efficient and they treated me with respect and kept me informed every step of the way. I had an engine switched out and they gave me the best price by far. Every other place I called wanted $1000-$1200, they did it for $600. I wouldn't hesitate having them work on any vehicle of mine in the future. The staff is very knowledgable but knows how to 'dummy it down' for us folks that don't work on cars for a living. Rough neighborhood but a great place to get your car repaired.
By: dsquared777
Prestige Auto Parts
Great people. This is a hard working group of people, that offer great value for used parts. The gals at the front desk get a lot of phone calls, and a lot of people walking up to the counter asking a million questions on parts and I think they handle it very well. Peggy at the front counter was very helpful and extremely pleasant to work with. I had a hard to locate part that nobody else in Michigan could find (including the dealer). This place had it sitting on the shelf ready for pick up. The price was very reasonable, and to make things even better the body part color matched the color of my car, so I did not have even have to have a body shop paint it. This place saved me a boat load of money. Love this place, and plan on shopping there in the future for any used parts I might need.

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