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By: george.whitfield.98
Team LBR
You want a dependable Real Estate company that are very knowledgeable and experience in so many things to help you to find the perfect home or business to buy or rent. This company is who you want to call..They have connections all over the U.S.A to help you with all your real estate, or rental property management, or rental or if you are looking for a good real estate broker. They can help you in so many ways. When you are even thinking of calling the other bigger companies out there that have to overcharge you from their high overheads. This company is the hidden secrets for people that want a real honest company that want to save you money. They rely alot of times on their customers that they have taken care of for years, that refer so many people from them being happy with LBR service. You want a real good company, try taking a chance with this company. The owner Mr. French will go out of his way to make you feel secure. Please click on their website to see how they work with big and small companies in during business in a orderly and honestly way to make you comfortable. Bottom line, LBR IS THE WAY TO GO
By: candiescane
Normandie Hotel
Hotel OK if you have no where else to go. It is cheap, which is good. But the place is old and there are roaches. When my boyfriend first brought me to the hotel, I thought it wasn't bad. . . until the roaches came out. He's switched rooms twice and there are still roaches. We keep it clean, so I don't know why they are there. Some of them even fly, and they are not afraid at all. It seems that they all have a death wish because they will not step out of the way for you or run away.Also, be careful because they are also in the showers.
By: Rebecca A.
I AM Detroit Clothing
I'm surprised to see these bad reviews after they treated me so well. I also waited what seemed like forever for my shipment to come in the mail. I called there and they apologized and told me they just opened up and they need three to five business days to fulfill the orders and then they are shipped. They sent me a free shirt and gave me an awesome promo code for the future. Calm down people, support real detroit local businesses who are actually in the city trying to impove it.
By: Joe K.
Thick Threads Apparel
This is my favorite store! Everything here just fits perfectly! I also love the owner. They always greet me at the door and have a room ready for me. He also make excellent suggestions that take me out of my comfort zone with styles. He also bring out some new clothes that are not on the rack yet. Dan is awesome at this store! The customer service, genuine care for customers and the great inventory selection are the reasons why I go here location.
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By: Joe P.
Normandie Hotel
more like a flop house then a hotel or even a motel...shared bathroom not cool but that explains the price which is really low for a weeks stay....it feels pretty safe for a flop house and the wifi is strong. its next to a bank, a chicken place and a party store so that's not bad. compared to a lot of low price extended stays in Detroit, but the rooms are really small, I've stayed in worst places
By: lemynash
I AM Detroit Clothing
It's been said a customers experience and word of mouth are two of the most important factors of a business success. Unfortunately my experience has left me doubtful that I will patronize, at least the online ordering part, of this business again. Lack of communication and super slow shipping makes me wonder if the items are coming from China instead is Detroit.
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By: Kelly I.
Travel Inn
I use to live at the travel inn the owners are great people and the people that live there been there for years i grew up in neoghborhood so i know everyone that goes there and in the neighborhood so if u need a safe place to stay i suggest the travel inn...
By: 000mirandaherish
I hve been trying to become a model for years and it always seemed that either it was a price involved or some other crap. You guys help people persue it with no costs involved because i really felt you want people to make it.
By: robert.soloway.77
I AM Detroit Clothing
They delivered them on time took my phone calls & answered them both times I called it took them an Xtra day 2 get my 5x shirts& Hoodia but they still mailed them on time & I got them a day early
By: Samantha O.
I AM Detroit Clothing
I love this store! The owners are the nicest guys ever. They did not have the shirt i wanted in stock in my size so they ordered it for me and had it shipped to my house! They rock!

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