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By: Bradley D.
Drain Clean Pro llc
Called Ray while I was out of town to go rescue my wife from a clogged kitchen sink. He squeezed us in and worked until about 9pm. However this old house has goofy pipes evidently. He had to call it a night without being able to clear the clog after trying snaking at it from three different locations. He didn't charge and said he would be back the next day if we wanted, but would have to do a little more work to access the clog so it would be a little extra if we did have him back. I asked him to come back and again he fit us in at the end of his already full day. He ended up having to cut a small hole in the wall to access a Y that was the source of the clog (and should never have been built that way in the first place). He fixed the clog, cleaned up his mess, and was on his way. After all that the price was still very fair and my wife was back in business while I was still out of town.One funny story. Ray was still working in the kitchen when my wife and kids and in-laws sat down to eat dinner. My daughter (4) didn't want to hold hands for prayer. My wife explained how important is was to give thanks etc. From the kitchen came "Mmmm hmmmm" and my daughter cracked up and said "even the plumber says grace" and proceeded to hold hands. I wish I'd been there, it sounded pretty funny! Anyway, Ray's a standup guy and will give you 110%!!!
By: wendypowell
Detroit Plumbing and Electrical
I had some electrical problems with a home I purchased 7 months ago. My two back bedrooms electrical was conflicting with one another. I got the yellow pages and started comparing prices. Got to Detroit Plumbing and Electrical and they gave me prices that was close to my budget. The service men were very well respectful and even wore shoe covers because of my light color carpet. I highly recommend them to anyone. After the job was completed they even gave me 15% off my next service.
By: nonamegivenanon
Drain Clean Pro llc
This company was very friendly and knowledgeable about my sewer issue. They were willing to come out a provide me with a free estimate and ensure that their price was competitive. I appreciated that they kept me informed with everything that needed to be done days in advance as well as during the sewer replacement. After the project was completed I was informed and provided before, during and after pictures for my records.
By: toniaw
Drain Clean Pro llc
Mr. Williams arrived slightly earlier than he stated. He was very personable and knowledgeable. He offered an excellent price for the work needed and the work was performed in a timely fashion. Once he finished it was almost like he had never been there because he was so neat while working. I would recommend Drain Clean Pro LLC to anyone needing plumbing work done.
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By: Meyauna O.
Jones 911 Payless Plumbing Service
ThisCompany is a great company, Mr Jones came when I needed him in the time of desperate need of a sewer cleaning because my drain backed up. He was fast, he was friendly, and he got the job done in a timely manner. The first time I used company was 3 years ago I haven't had a problem until recently, and better believe I called this company back!!!! :-)
By: Talik K.
Drain Clean Pro llc
Wow, doing some work in Southwest Detroit, had an issue wish a tricky leak between the first and second floor plumbing. Normally I would do my own plumbing, but this was a job for a professional. DCP came out within an hour of calling, no extra charge, and just knocked it out! All star work, I will be saving their contact information for future work.
By: tfitzgerald
Drain Clean Pro llc
The day before Easter I noticed my basement drain had backed up. I was expecting guess at my house for dinner Easter Sunday not knowing what to do on such short notice, a friend referred me to Drain Clean Pro. Their work was outstanding. I would highly recommend them everybody. Thanks again ...........
By: ernest.harris.75
Drain Clean Pro llc
It's rare I give a full satisfactory rating but Ray earned this one. Reasonable pricing, professional service, timely response and customer friendly dialogue. Not wishing my family and friends any plumbing problems but I can't wait to refer these guys.
By: detroitpetsupplies
Drain Clean Pro llc
DCP Plumbing and Ray is abosolutely worth the price of admission. If you need any plumbing work commercial or residential you will be hard pressed to find a more professional and upstanding company than this one. Good Luck Ray and much success.
By: terisita
Drain Clean Pro llc
I was very impressed with the exemplary service and knowledge that was displayed. I now have used them 3 times in the last few months and have always been pleased. From backed up drains to sump pump replacement. Always reasonable prices.
Tips & Advices
The following tools and common household objects can be used to clean drains at home:
  • A plunger
  • A drain snake
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Grease-fighting dish soap
Homeowners can mix boiling water with any of the last three products to break up grease and grime.
The main ingredients in clog removal liquid products are sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, both break down into relatively harmless components when it comes into contact with water or soil. However, both substances cause mild irritation to skin and internal tissues.
Also known as a drain auger, a drain snake is a coiled device around ΒΌ-inch thick. To use a drain snake, put the end into the entrance of the drain. Turn the handle to force the snake deeper, using extra pressure to force it through the bend in the pipe. Keep turning until the snake hits the clog, then either pull the snake and remove the obstruction or force it through. Once the snake is out of the drain, run the water on full blast for a few minutes to ensure the obstruction is completely removed.
Plungers don't damage residential pipes, but the force created by the act of plunging weakens the seal between the toilet and the floor.
Many plumbers, both local businesses and nationwide chains, offer emergency or same-day services.

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